What are the differences between Natural Emerald and Synthetic Emerald?

What are Natural emeralds?
Emerald, also known as Pachu stone in Hindi, is a precious colored gemstone. This green-colored stone is soft in nature, and its hardness on the Mohs scale is depicted as 7. Emeralds are well-known for their deep color and significant astrological benefits. Despite not being sturdy, Panna stone is in great demand for being utilized in pieces of jewelry as it offers a charming look. Due to the presence of inclusions Natural Emerald stones are often oil-treated to increase transparency. This naturally-occurring gemstone assists the wearers in boosting communication skills and focuses so that they can enhance their work life.

Natural Emerald Gemstone – Navratan

What is Synthetic Emerald?
Synthetic Emeralds are manufactured at laboratories instead of being mined from natural sources. These lab-created stones possess the same physical appearance and chemical composition as Natural Emeralds. Also, man-made Emeralds offer the same sturdiness as that Natural Emeralds as well. The rarity of these stones is an essential factor, as Synthetic Emeralds cannot be produced in large quantities. There are two ways to create a Synthetic Emerald, namely, the flux process and the hydrothermal process. In the flux process natural elements that assist in producing real or natural Emeralds green are heated along with flux whereas the hydrothermal process consists of applying the same pressure and temperature by which Natural Emeralds are produced. Synthetic Emeralds don’t need to be oil-treated in order to have high clarity.

Price difference
Both Natural Emeralds and Synthetic Emeralds have similar appearances, but still, when considering Natural Emeralds and Synthetic Emeralds of the same size and quality, Natural Emeralds are priced way higher than synthetic or lab-created Emeralds. This price difference is generally associated with the colors of both kinds of stones. Natural Emeralds offer a deeper green color than Synthetic Emeralds, which increases their worth comparatively.

Differences in Color and saturation
The most desirable quality of an Emerald gemstone is its alluring color. Real Emeralds are well-known for their magnificent color, as these green-colored gemstones are most sought after for jewelry purposes. However, despite having the same physical and chemical attributes, Synthetic Emeralds do not possess the same color and saturation as Natural Emeralds, as their color is slightly off due to being manufactured synthetically. This difference in color and saturation can be easily seen through the naked eye when comparing Natural Emeralds and lab-created Emeralds. The absence of naturally occurring minerals inside Synthetic Emeralds is the reason for their slightly off-color.

The difference in the presence of Inclusions (completely clear)
The clarity of a Natural Emerald is not a significant factor when its worth is determined, as the beauty of an Emerald gemstone is in its color. Naturally, real Emeralds contain a lot of inclusions because of the presence of minerals inside the stone, and that is the reason why Natural Emeralds are found in a variety of green colors ranging from light green to dark green. However, in the case of Synthetic Emeralds, there are no inclusions present inside the gemstone, due to which lab-created Emeralds are transparent in nature. The presence of inclusions is often considered a factor when differentiating Natural Emeralds and Synthetic Emeralds.

Original Panna Stone

Astrological significance
Emerald is the birthstone for people born in May, and it holds high astrological significance. This beautiful gemstone symbolizes love and loyalty and offers various health-related and spiritual benefits to its wearer. People with weak mercury in their birth chart or belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign are most benefited by wearing a natural Panna stone. However, Synthetic Emerald or lab-created Emerald doesn’t hold as much of an astrological significance as Natural Emerald. This is because lab-created Emeralds don’t have any astrological benefits associated with them.
The best way for people with less gemstone knowledge to identify whether an Emerald is natural or synthetic is gemstone certification. In current times many jewelry dealers try to fool buyers by offering to sell Synthetic Emeralds as Natural Emeralds; hence gemstone certifications have become really essential. Navratan, the online gem bazaar, has an amazing collection of Certified Natural Emeralds that are tested at reliable labs in order to ensure their authenticity so that our customers don’t have to concern themselves about being conned and can make the right investment as per their choice.

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