What are the Tips for Making Hotel Beds Quickly?

What are the Tips for Making Hotel Beds Quickly?
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Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 12:28 pm

One of the most frequent problems facing hoteliers today is staffing. Additionally, a recent study claimed their hotels are understaffed. Housekeeping is one industry that has been particularly heavily damaged. Less housekeeping means that rooms might not be ready when expected. Even when businesses can hire housekeepers, they are inexperienced. 

A new housekeeper will require more time to prepare a room because it takes time to master proper practices. Therefore, any chance to streamline the cleaning process and simplify the job of a housekeeper is a good development. Today’s housekeeping advice focuses on making hotel beds more quickly because it is one of the essential chores for housekeepers.

First tip: Choose flat sheets

Choosing to utilize two flat sheets on your mattresses rather than a fitted and flat sheet is a key one for properties. Fitted sheets take a long time to fold and install; a housekeeper must carefully go to each corner of the bed. Instead, by choosing dual flat sheets, not only will your housekeepers make hotel beds more quickly, but you’ll also limit the types of linen in your inventory by completely removing fitted sheets. https://magazineworld.net/

Second tip:  Don’t use a duvet!

While duvets can give a bed a more opulent appearance, changing duvet covers requires three to four times as much time as using triple sheeting. A comforter or blanket is put between the flat top sheet and the decorative top cover when using three sheets. Triple sheeting speeds up the process of making hotel beds and makes it simple to wash top covers for a cleaner, clean room. Replace your duvet with triple sheets right away.

Third tip: Use a Zip-Top Mattress Protector

Hotel beds provide maximum allergen and bed bug protection. But, perhaps, mattress protectors have a barrier that prevents microorganisms’ growth and blocks bacteria. The mattress protectors of the Bedding N Bath provide comprehensive protection. You can easily unzip the dirty top cover and swap it out for a clean zippered top, saving you the trouble of having to struggle with fitted mattress covers or protectors. Never again will you have to spend money or time cleaning or replacing a dirty mattress.

Fourth tip: Keep Par Levels Up

Waiting for clean linens is the biggest time-sink for a housekeeper. So instead, maintain the right amount of goods on hand by retaining the correct par level. A par level (also known as periodic automatic replacement) is a mechanism that determines how much inventory is necessary for your properties to maintain to prevent shortages.

Lack of linen can cause housekeepers to work more slowly and result in your products being delivered straight from the dryer to the guest room. Because cotton items need time to rest and restore moisture lost during the drying process, this results in a shorter linen life. Cotton items can start to lose strength and durability without adequate rest because cotton retains 7-8% of its “dry” weight in water. Additionally, using cotton products immediately after laundering may cause guests to complain about “scratchy” bedding.

For properties with on-site laundry, we advise a minimum rating of 3. Four-par minimum is recommended for residences that use the off-site laundry. By doing this, you can ensure there is enough product on hand to speed up how quickly your housekeepers make hotel beds while extending your linens’ lifespan.

Fifth tip: Take Advantage of Bedding N Bath

The standards, quality construction, and vibrant designs of The Bedding N Bath are well-known. You could improve and accentuate your home or hotel’s beauty through all of this to enjoy comfortable and dreamy Sleep.

The products are available at a reasonable price. Let’s Bedding N Bath beautify your house. Here at Bedding N Bath, there are various products, including quilt covers, bed linens, sheets, towels, pillows, comforters, bedspreads, mattress toppers and protection, and blankets made of flannel, bathrobes, bath sheets, and round beach towels.

Are you prepared to speed up the process of making hotel beds?

Our expert staff members are available to discuss your linen and cleaning difficulties. So, get in touch with us immediately to learn more about how our products can lower your per-use expenses while also improving the effectiveness of your housekeeping.

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