What Are The Top Customization Tips For Designing Custom Noodle Boxes?


Do you know that March is National Noodle Month? Well, this pretty much sums up the importance of noodles worldwide. There is no denying that noodles are a great source of energy. And on top of that, they are super tasty and easy to cook. Thus it is the best snack on the planet! And to keep the noodles fresh and hot, we need custom noodles boxes. And you can design them in various stocks, styles, sizes, colors, and designs.

Besides, noodle packaging is used for marketing. So if you want to know about the top customization tips, read this blog till the end!

Chinese-inspired packaging designs

We know that noodles are linked with Chinese culture. So you print Chinese signs or artwork on custom noodle boxes. It reminds food lovers about its origin and makes the packaging informative. You can even add tempting slogans and food descriptions to attract customers. And give it a polished look with the following surface laminates.

  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous coating
  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination

The purpose of the laminate is to make the box surface smooth and stainless. It also increases the strength and functionality of food packaging.

Boxes of noodles with handles

You might have seen warming or safety labels on custom printed noodle boxes. It informs the customers that the food is hot and should be handled cautiously. Hence it keeps the customers safe from potential harm. And at the same time, it keeps the food steamy and fresh. Undoubtedly it is great to have hot food, but sometimes it is hard to tackle. So for that, we suggest noodles boxes with handles. Yes, they are attached at the top and make the packaging handy. Thus you can carry the yummy food items wherever you want. And it’s an amazing way to enjoy picnics and road trips with your favorite snacks. So with kraft or cardboard handles, you enjoy the noodles to the fullest. No fear of mishandling at all!

Food boxes with windows

Everyone loves to look into the food box. People want to know what is inside. And the majority skip this part due to complicated packaging. But it is all good with noodle boxes with windows. Now you don’t need to open and close it. You just see through the transparent sheet, and you are good to go! And it greatly benefits the food owners because it tempts the food lovers to place their orders. As a result, it makes the brand popular and shoots the annual sales. So you can customize the PVC sheet in any dimension or style depending on your need,

Kraft packaging

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “kraft”? A brown box with a coarse texture. The thing is that kraft is popular in food packaging for its amazing features. It is strong and protects the edibles for a long time. Secondly, its signature brown color gives an organic look to the custom noodle packaging. And you can design any box style or size in kraft stock. And the best feature is that it is 100% eco-friendly. Thus the brands and the consumers need not worry about its decomposition.

Cardboard custom noodle boxes

Do you want to print different colors, coating, and finishing on the boxes of noodles? You can enjoy infinite customization options with cardboard. It is user-friendly and highly customizable. You can coat it with liquid or transparent plastic coating (aqueous, gloss, or matte). Plus, you can order as many noodle boxes as you want without worrying about the cost. The kraft and cardboard are shipped flat, occupy less space, and cut the shipping cost. Sounds great!

Perfectly designed boxes

Have you ever thought about why your noodle box is a mess? What went wrong? The truth is that either your food box is over or undersized. It is not a perfect fit according to the quantity of noodles. As a result, the noodles float or get clumpy. Whatever the case right, size packaging is the best solution. It gives a presentable look and also keeps the food safe. And on top of that, it is able to withstand pressure and weight; thus, it prevents the boxes from tearing apart.

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