What chemicals are used in drugs

Ic research Chemicals | teacher glaze
Ic research Chemicals | teacher glaze
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Since 1977, the World Health Organization has published a list of essential medicines, ie those that meet the requirements priority health care needs of the population and are selected taking into account the prevalence of the disease and public health Relevance, evidence of clinical efficacy and safety, and comparative costs and economics.
The Essential Medicines List (NEM) is an invaluable tool for all countries to select those medicines that
They have an excellent risk-benefit ratio and are considered fundamental to health. In the present perspective we describe the chemical composition and the main characteristics of the small Molecules included in the EML from their origin to their stereochemistry and measurement similar to drugs. Above all, we want to spread the importance of EML, which is both a useful teaching tool in an ever-expanding world of pharmaceuticals and an inspiration to those involved in pharmaceutical research and development.

Types of drugs
Drugs used in medicine are generally divided into classes or groups based on their use, their chemical composition Structures or their mechanisms of action. Each of these different classification systems can be confusing. The drug can be included in several classes. However, the distinctions are particularly useful for physicians For example, if a patient experiences an adverse reaction to a drug, they use classification systems allow a clinician to easily identify an agent that has comparable potency but a different structure or mechanism action. Likewise, knowing the chemical structure of a drug makes the search for something new easier and possibly more safer and more effective drugs.


The pharmaceutical industry is a branch of the economy that deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of medicines medication. Technological advances, innovations in R&D and growing demand for pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements make pharmaceuticals one of the fastest growing market segments. This industry has many Quality restrictions and legal requirements and therefore acts differently than other industries.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit many industries hard. However, pharmaceutical companies are
reports only a slight decline in earnings for 2020 compared to the previous year. It is assumed that 2021
should see an increase in OTC drug sales, beating 2019 gains. The most beloved Pharmaceutical substances include cold and cough medicines. The number of pharmaceuticals exported to the United States. The EU countries are also growing. The largest recipients of therapeutic or prophylactic drugs are Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and Great Britain

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