What does a CCIE do?

CCIE is also known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE Certification. This is a series of certifications for senior networking professionals that can troubleshoot, maintain, implement, build, and design complex enterprise networking infrastructures.

The CCIE Certification program is divided into six series. These include

1. Collaboration

CCIE Collaboration is designed for engineers and architects that use unified video and audio communications.

2.  Datacenter

CCIE Data Center is designed for the professionals that can design, plan, and implement the data center infrastructures. You can get the full report here.

3.Routing and switching

Routing and switching are designed for expert-level engineering professionals. All the networking concepts are covered in this course.


The CCIE-certified professional serves as an architect, engineer, or troubleshooting technologist.

5.Service provider

The candidate has to learn service-providing techniques. Moreover, they have to pass eight-hour lab exams.

6. Wireless

The professionals are responsible for having wireless knowledge of WLANs and underpinning wireless networks. The candidates have to pass 8 hours long configuring wireless networks.

These are some of the responsibilities of a CCIE certified professional. CCIE was first issued in 1993 by Cisco, and it is continuously updated. Almost 3% of the Cisco engineers have CCIE certification, and less than 1% of all get networking professionals throughout the world.

It is to be mentioned that there is no certain prerequisite that the candidates have to meet. The candidate, however, must meet the qualifying standards and should have spent 18 months passing the CCIE written exam. If the candidates fail the lab exam, he has to pass the lab exam within three months.

Modes of training

The candidates can decide to study on their own, get involved in group studies, or get registered in courses. However, they should find an authorized platform to learn the credentials.

Advantages of CCIE Certifications

It would not be wrong to say that CCIE is one of the worthiest qualifications in the whole networking industry. This certification is important for engineers who want to excel in their careers. CCIE-certified professionals are better than CCIE holders and can secure their positions in the industries. CCIE certification acts as a personal change for the engineers and helps them show their industry-recognized proficiency in networking qualities.

The costs of CCIE Certifications

The candidates should know the CCIE costs as well. The CCIE Lab and Practical exams cost $1600 for every attempt. Moreover, the lodging and travel expenses are not included in these costs. Cisco maintains its facilities in nine locations throughout the world. So the candidates have to go to those locations to take the lab exams. For more info, visit the website.

The final words

These are some of the most significant things that people should know about CCIE Certifications. These points are enough to conclude that CCIE is one of the best and worthiest certifications that people can get. Moreover, these certifications help the candidates to excel in their careers and get the best job opportunities.

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