What does call unavailable mean on WhatsApp?

When a call is unavailable on WhatsApp , it is likely that you or your contact are having a connection problem. The message usually appears when there is no network signal, but there are also cases where the alert appears if the application version is older.

With that in mind, We have listed five possible reasons that may lead to problems with WhatsApp calls. Find out what can be done to try to fix the unavailable call error on the platform apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. 

1. Unstable connection

Make sure your cell phone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or data network), as WhatsApp depends on a connection to make voice and video calls on the platform. Check the connection settings on the device, and if the problem persists, contact your carrier.

Try asking the contact you want to call if their internet is still stable, as instability can happen on both sides. You can also take a look at 13 tips to speed up Wi-Fi on your cell phone , and seven other suggestions on how to improve the wireless internet signal in your home.

2. Firewall Settings

The firewall is a security mechanism to prevent certain data from passing through your internet connection. The issue is that this system can block access to tools like WhatsApp. In this situation, it is recommended to check your router’s security and firewall settings. If necessary, contact your ISP or network administrator.

3. Battery saving mode

The WhatsApp call unavailable error can also appear if your cell phone’s battery saving function is enabled at the time of the call. The feature limits some features on the device that require more processing, including data usage (if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi).

Fortunately, it is possible to disable power saving mode on Android as well as iPhone , since the feature is optional. Also check best social media schedule for more.

4. Bluetooth enabled

Just like battery saving mode, Bluetooth can cause call unavailable issues on WhatsApp. There is not much secret there: deactivate the function for a few seconds and turn it on again. If you prefer, you can leave Bluetooth turned off while making a WhatsApp call, as the messenger feature is not technology dependent.

5. Outdated app

Keeping WhatsApp updated is another important action to avoid problems with unavailable calls in the application. This goes for both the tool on your cell phone and the device of the other contact. Older versions may have errors and instability that directly interfere with the connection. Therefore, always check that your app runs the latest version.

WhatsApp Server Downtime

In order to function on a server, WhatsApp must occasionally take it offline.

This is prevented as much as possible, but server downtime is unavoidable.

You will be unable to make calls if your nearest server is unavailable.

If you attempt to contact someone whose nearest server is unavailable, you will see the unavailable message.

You may always check with WhatsApp to see if there is any current server unavailability.

It’s not a typical occurrence, but when other remedies don’t work, remember this one.

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