What does GG means in Website?

what does gg mean in gaming

What does gg mean?

GG is basically a gamer’s thing, gg in gaming means good game. This gg trend is a really old one and has started in the late 1990s by the gamers of that time and surprisingly the slangs are actively in use even in a day’s time. It is generally sued by gamers all over the world, when you end up playing a good game, or when you beat the opponent team. Usually, team members say gg, as sportsmanship to praise and appreciate them, as moral support for the team. 

Why do games use GG? What does GG mean in gaming? 

Gg shows if a player is playing amazing with kills, the highest shots or the highest leads, and more. It is taken as a gamers symbol, a token of gaming love, to cheer up the player that insp[laying well. It adds a good amount of enthusiasm and energy to the whole team. 

Can you use gg in chat?

Gg, as you saw means good game, and gg meaning in chat can be used in two ways. Either you can use it in a positive way, to appreciate your colleagues or friends or work partners or companions or anyone for that matter, or you can use the slang as a mockery to laugh at them deliberately if they make mistakes. Also, gg meaning in chat can mostly be taken as a positive approach as if it is negative, you will play get a lighting emoji with it. 

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