What factors should be kept in mind before buying an electric vehicle charger?

Technology has advanced a lot today, and you can see its implications in almost every sector today. The automotive industry is not left behind, because you will find a lot of technological advancements that have shaped the outlook of this industry. One such invention is electric vehicles, which have been in buzz lately, due to many automotive companies manufacturing them today. Since they work on batteries, you ultimately need to charge them every time they are on a low charge. 

But, you cannot always hope to find an electric vehicle charger everywhere you go, that’s why it is essential to get one for your home. The majority of the time your EV is at your home only, so charging it there is the most convenient option. Now the problem arises, as to which EV charger should you buy since there are so many EV charging companies India available? You need to keep a lot of things in mind, before making the actual decision. Following are some of the tips which will help you in buying the right charger for your electric vehicle:


  • Look for standardization marks: Whenever we buy any electric equipment, it is advised to see the ISI mark, since it guarantees safety. The same is the case with EV chargers; you need to buy the one which is accredited by the laboratory for underwriters. It guarantees safety in the operation of that charger, which means that there will be no overflow of electricity in any case. The absence of this certification does not mean an unsafe EV charger, but it means that there is no assurance of safety by a supervisory body.
  • Decide the place of charging: Some people may prefer charging their cars in the garage, while others prefer to charge them outside. To find the right charger, you need to be sure about the place you want to install your charger. Because most of the chargers work well for outside use. You can make the right choice depending on the area of your house and the electricity supply. Make sure to get a holster (whether attached or separate) to eliminate any kind of dust particles from getting clogged in the charging plug.
  • Find the suitable cable length: It is one of the most important factors to keep in mind before buying an EV charger because it will decide how you would need to park your car to get it charged. If it will be short, you won’t be able to charge the car from a distance, and you would need to keep your car very close to the charger, the ideal length is at least 20 feet. And one other thing to remember is the material used to make the cable, it should be made from shockproof material so that the person charging the EV does not get a shock in any case.

If you are planning to buy one, make sure to buy them from electric vehicle charger manufacturers near you, who will provide you with the best EV chargers.

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