What features of bi-folding doors make it an optimum choice?

bi folding doors
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Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 10:58 am

Interior trends are evolving around creativity, and the aesthetics of a cottage and villas is one of the traits to feel attracted towards building for residing or even job. To make your place spacious, expansive and charming, doors play an essential role. Some prominent features and technical supremacy have ranked the user’s door choice. Due to some desirable features of bi-folding doors, for about 10 years, aluminium Bi folding in Dubai doors have been a centre of attraction to customers. Doors that can be folded inward or outward to open space are usually termed bi-folding doors. Laundry, store room and exterior premises like Garden etc., are the best places to utilize bi-folding doors owing to their diverse nature. Bi-folding doors in UAE can fold 2 to 7 times according to client requirements.

Conspicuous Features of bi-folding doors

Glazing Different types of glazing glasses can be used with bi-folding doors, which elevate its productivity, efficiency and protection. For example, double-glazing and triple-glazing glass have their purpose; laminated glass will ensure resistance against weather etc.

  1. Noise reduction

By using two-three panes of glass or a combination of glazing glass and interlayered plastic sheet, these doors can act like noise reduction doors as:

  • It will reflect the sound back
  • It will absorb sound within the glass
  • It disrupts the noise by changing its frequency.
  1. Hurricane protection

If you are living in a region that is prone to hurricanes etc. Bi-folding doors will shelter you because of their locking mechanism without compromising thermal efficiency. Not only hurricanes, but it can protect you from:

  • Strong winds and rainfall
  • Debris
  • The extreme air pressure may cause your building to collapse

These doors with laminated glass and weather thresholds can also increase their efficiency against wind pressure and other types of hits on the glass.

  1. Security Features of bi-folding doors

Generally, folding doors in Dubai come with multi-point security locks around the frame and track, making them more secure and reliable. Moreover, you can also get a child security feature in external bi-fold doors with child-safe cushioning between the panels. This will save your children’s finger safety gas kit from getting caught in the panels.

  1. Low Emissivity

Using a transparent thin film coating over bi-folding doors glass can resist heat and give you low emissivity Low-E glass properties. The low-E glass feature of bi-folding doors makes it more energy efficient as compared to ordinary glass. This special coating also limits the ultraviolet and infrared ray transmission inside from sunlight. This technique lets you keep your room less stifling in hot weather and shivery cold in winter.

  1. Attractive View

Bi-folding glass panelled in UPVC or aluminium frame allows a healthy amount of natural sunlight. This provides natural brightness and warmth, makes you healthy with natural vitamin D from sunlight, and lowers electricity bills. Moreover, the scenic view outside can surely enlighten your mood, so it is a good option for outdoor application in corporate office setup.

  1. Space features of bi-folding doors

One of the fantastic features that bi-folding doors carry with them is the space it provides upon opening inside or outside. It gives you a broad and unobstructed space compared to other types of doors. Hence it provides a spacious look to your rooms and is the best suitable option for small rooms, lounges, and offices as well.

  1. Custom Design 

Bi-folding doors themselves offer you a variety of designs. For example, ACTS. LLC (Advanced Creative Technical Service), one of the leading bi-folding doors suppliers, facilitates the configuration in 14 customized designs and sizes with a wide range of colours. Its frame shapes can be beautifully designed according to house and client requirements.

  1. Low Maintenance

Bi-folding doors are a product with low maintenance requirements to keep them as new. The owner may only require a seasonal wash or wipe over them because it doesn’t need early treatment and painting.

  1. Aesthetics  

The aesthetic features of bi-folding doors are highly recommendable. However, these are less space-requiring, flexible and easy to hold on to with diverse designs and customized options.

Where to get the maximum desirable features of bi-folding doors with excellent quality?

If you are concerned about the best quality services with reliable bi-folding doors, then ACT (Advanced Creative Technical Service is the only suitable solution. It is the one solution for all alarms, as it provides the excellent features of bi-folding doors and facilitates cases of required maintenance. Similarly, the technical sound team address technical issues at every stage of the installation process or even post-installation. For its extensive and excellent services, it is a top-notch supplier of bi-folding doors in Dubai. It deals in automatic bi-folding doors in Dubai with various colour schemes and opening mechanism designs. Undoubtedly, ACT is the no.1 and most reliable supplier of bi-fold doors in UAE.


Innovative ideas in interior design are an essential part of life. Nobody can deny their importance. The features of automatic bi-folding doors are impressive enough to be the priority of anyone. When it comes from ACT for Aluminium Bi folding in Dubai, it doubles the client’s convenience, affordability and satisfaction.

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