What happens when we buy Instagram followers?

Instagram followers

Do you want to boost your Instagram account and buy a few thousand Instagram followers? That’s a terrible idea! We explain what happens when you get fake followers.

When you follow companies and influencers with thousands of followers on Instagram, it can be frustrating when your follower count is so much smaller.

Because everyone knows: Interesting cooperation’s or lucrative business only begins with many followers. So it can be tempting to buy a few Instagram followers.

Many websites sell just that. For example, you can buy 5,000 followers for around 40 US dollars. This is cheap and can grow your profile quickly. But what sounds very good in theory is a terrible idea in practice.

Buy Instagram followers

That’s behind it

Because who are the followers that you are buying?

As a rule, the companies that offer fake followers rent servers in data centers and can thus create different Instagram profiles using different IP addresses. In this way, you can quickly create thousands of automated profiles that are then ready to use.

At first glance, they don’t stand out as fake since they were created from different locations.

For example, if you buy 5,000 followers through such a service, a bot will ensure that 5,000 people follow you on Instagram. It usually takes a maximum of one day for all new followers to appear on your profile.

Of course, this looks very good at first. But in the long run, you are dealing with many problems that can do you more harm than good in the end.

Court says buying Instagram followers is illegal

First and foremost, you have to be clear: Buying Instagram followers not only violates the terms and conditions of all social media platforms. In Greece this is also illegal.

The Stuttgart Regional Court ruled that the practice was anti-competitive. Incidentally, this not only applies to fake followers but also purchased likes or comments. But you’re also damaging your own social media presence.

Fake followers quickly exposed

The purchased followers usually do not stand up to closer scrutiny. Various self-experiment by social media experts have shown that you usually buy empty profiles.

Accounts often have no profile photos at all and rarely have more than four posts on their profiles. On the other hand, they follow 5,000 or 7,000 Instagram accounts.

If the purchased Instagram followers then leave any comments at all (they usually don’t), these are suspicious at first glance. Because they are so generic and say so little about your posts that real users quickly recognize this as a scam.

And then you have the next problem. Who wants to follow a profile with fake followers? So you are already blocking the chance that real fans will follow you.

Also, if you’re interested in feedback from your fans, customer opinions, or genuine exchange, then of course you won’t get that either. At the same time, you also negatively influence the algorithm of your posts.

Instagram algorithm penalizes profiles with bought followers

Because if you post a new photo on Instagram, for example, the algorithm does not show it to all your followers at once.

Instead, it first gets to see a small group. If they react positively, with many Instagram likes or comments, the algorithm sees “aha, here is an interesting post” and then shows it to more users accordingly.

Ideally, you’ll get so many interactions that your post ends up on the Explore page. But the opposite happens with false followers.

Because if they see your post, the purchased profiles do not react to it. This signals to the algorithm that you are posting boring content. Accordingly, he will not show the post to your other (real) followers, who may never see your post.

The longer this cycle lasts, the worse your posts will perform on Instagram and the fewer users will see your content. So you end up damaging your range.

The Instagram algorithm is also getting better and better at exposing such empty profiles as bought followers. Then, in the best-case scenario, your followers will simply be revoked. However, Instagram can also limit your reach or delete your account.

If it then turns out that you have worked with purchased followers, this is also image damage that is difficult to repair. So you’re not doing yourself any favors by buying Instagram followers.

Instagram followers aren’t everything

So buying Instagram followers is not worth it. It’s also not the most important success metric for a while now. Interactions are now much more important, i.e. real exchanges between you and your followers. Because that shows a committed community and a real dialogue.

That is why micro-influencers are now very popular for cooperation with companies. Because they may not have that many followers. But they usually reach a very specific target group and have very active fans. Companies appreciate that much more than the sheer number of followers.

So instead of buying fake followers, put the time into good social media posts. And if you want a push for your profile, there is also an effective (and legal) method: advertising.

Fake followers not only on Instagram

Of course, people don’t just buy followers on Instagram. The same is happening on Facebook, YouTube, and even Spotify. But the effects are similar.

On Spotify, for example, you can buy plays, i.e. how often a song is listened to. Similarly, to buy YouTube views, someone must listen to a song for at least 30 seconds to count as a play. The purchased accounts just manage that.


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