What Is A/B Testing of a Website and How To Improve It

A/B Testing
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A/B testing is also called split or multivariate tests. It involves creating two versions of an asset or element in digital marketing.

You can perform a variety of tests to gather performance data that will help you improve your website. There are no best or worst results for any business.

It may be that certain audiences respond to changes in the same way, but you have to experiment to find out what your visitors like.

Examples of A/B Tests:

Text organization

You can organize your text by adding bulleted lists or subheadings and shorter paragraphs to maximize the time visitors spend on a particular page.

It has been proven that using these elements to separate large blocks of content improves reading comprehension.

Test Text

Copy that is written well will provide vital information on your company and what you are selling. Your company’s image will be affected by the way you present the text. It will also make it easier for the reader to comprehend the content.

These examples of A/B testing will help you to find the best text format for your target audience and improve your web design.

Text levels for reading:

It is easy to find a lot of technical information on industrial websites. However, this may not be the best option for different levels of professionals who visit your site.

Testing fonts:

It doesn’t matter if you think a font is beautiful, your visitors may not. Your content can be difficult to read if you use poor typography or color combinations. Test text performance by changing font styles and colors.

Text length:

A website that has too much text or not enough can be a problem. Add or remove text until you find the perfect length for your audience.


These are the most common initial tests. The color scheme of a website should reflect the brand identity and improve the user’s experience.

Some background and text colors can make it difficult to read the content or navigate.

What are the applications of A/B testing?


Images on industry websites can be very valuable for customers, as they provide crucial information about specific products.

And images of products that are accurate will help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Also, images of your team or your manufacturing facility, as well as customer-facing processes and your customer service process, can create a personal atmosphere for your business.

Landing pages and destination pages

A landing page’s ultimate goal is to collect visitor information. A/B Testing on a landing page is done to improve conversion rates. Do you know what is a good conversion rate for a landing page?

You can also try these tips in addition to the ones above.

Text length

Some people believe that landing page texts should be concise and to the point. However, other studies have shown that longer landing pages are more effective in terms of conversion.

Test Videos

Videos are powerful tools that can help you to convince people. See how they work on your landing pages when a video is added. Consider testing different placements of the video on the page.

Review the navigation on your site.

The navigation on a website is an important element that determines how easy it will be to use. It also directly impacts the user experience. It can be hard for users to navigate a site with complex navigation.

Finding the information you need can be difficult if your navigation is limited.

You can test your navigation skills by:

  • Regroup the pages into new sections or subsections.
  • Reordering menu options
  • Remove navigation sections.
  • You can change the navigation, such as dropdown menus and options lists.

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