What Is A Laser Module For CNC, And How Does It Work?

One thing is for sure in the manufacturing industries over decades, customers have been in constant need of sophisticated making machine technologies to meet their stringent design and manufacturing needs. One of the machines that have been meeting their needs as of today is the laser module for CNC, especially from Snapmaker.

What is a laser module CNC? It is a piece of Computer Numerical Control device that uses a focused, high-powered laser beam to cut, mark, or engrave a material to form a prior designed custom shape. The machine is uniquely designed and operates at a high accuracy rate, making it quite helpful when cutting intricate shapes and small holes. Some basic facts about this machine are worth knowing, and we will discuss them in this article. 

Contrary to other traditional CNC machines, the laser module for CNC from Snapmaker relies on computer numerical control and computer instructions (G-code) to operate on its sequences of cutting operations. They often differ from conventional CNC devices in their process and design.

Therefore, how does a CNC laser cutter work? It features a laser head having a laser-focusing nozzle and lens. The machine uses a compressed gas flowing through the nozzle that ejects a laser beam to cool the engrossing lens and expel the vaporized material from the 3D object. Through this nozzle, the head and lens assembly focus a laser beam (a column of very high intense light) on the material, melting and cutting the material to form a prior designed shape.

To understand this point, let’s say that you focus the high-power laser beam on a material’s surface at a given point. The heat at that particular point becomes high resulting in rapid heating and vaporizing of that point of the material’s surface. This CNC technology controls the sequence of motions of this laser head and beams on the work surface to form custom shapes and features.

CNC 3D laser cutter machines are typically grouped into categories which are based on the state of the active laser medium, which can be either liquid, solid, or gas, and it can also be categorized based on the components of the active laser medium, such as CO2, Nitrogen, etc. primarily, there are three most common types of lasers currently, they are as follows;

  • CNC crystal laser cutter
  • CNC CO2 laser cutter
  • CNC fiber laser cutter

There are several advantages that laser module CNC can offer over the conventional CNC machining process. The benefits include the following;

  • CNC laser cutter offers a clean cut, minimizing the need for additional post-processing operation, which is quite time-consuming and employs more additional costs of labor.
  • The non-contact nature of the laser cutting procedure minimizes the risk of filament distortion and material contamination, making them perfect for machining components used in the food or medical industries.
  • The CNC laser cutter machine produces more intricate designs and minor holes with high precision and accuracy like never before.
  • It does away with the need for several custom cutting tools, such as conventional CNC routers and milling machines.

These advantages make CNC laser cutting machines, and how they are created uniquely makes them worthwhile in today’s manufacturing industries. They are perfect for various applications, support multiple filaments, etc. Therefore, many people are excited about it; if you are one of them, you can also visit the Snapmaker website and grab a chance to own one while the stock last.


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