What is a rewording site?

In addition to the tool’s existing paraphrase feature and academic phrase bank, this is a strong feature. While the rewording tool allows words to be changed without changing the structure, the paraphrasing tool affects the structure. Rewording site is one of the best research tools accessible because of the potent mix of its reword tool, paraphrase tool, and academic phrasebank. International students and academics who do not speak English as their first language found this function to be of great benefit, according to preliminary testing. 

By substituting specific words with their counterparts, this program also serves the dual function of reducing plagiarism in the publications. To watch a video of a sentence and paragraph rewording tool in action, click here.  Finding the keywords, swapping out non-keywords with synonyms, ensuring the meaning is clear, and, finally, ensuring the flow and writing style are kept are all steps in the process of rewording a sentence. For rewording and rephrasing paragraphs, Rewrite is ideal. 

Explain about rewording site

You can reword sentences, paragraphs, and even entire documents using Rewrite. Its compatibility with Microsoft Word allows it to process an unlimited number of words. It can also be used to search and cross-reference the sources you utilized to create your essay. On both Mac and Windows platforms, it is a program that may be used as an add-in for Microsoft Word. 

The word options in the earlier iteration of Rewording site were limited to specific words and color-coded in accordance with how frequently those words appeared in the earlier scientific texts.  With just one click, paragraphs can be reworded in the new version. The word substitutions are arranged according to how frequently they appeared in the prior papers. The rewording tool for Rewrite is depicted in the following figure in a screen picture. 

Rewrite users’ feedback led to the inclusion of this feature improvement. The program provides answers quite quickly, whether you’re rephrasing individual sentences or paragraphs in their entirety. The program is intended to function without an internet connection. The Rewrite’s reword tool employs a local database to generate word substitution recommendations, in contrast to other tools that depend on an internet connection to function.  

More information about rewording site

  • The machine learning algorithm used by Rewrite has been trained to replace scientific words without changing the content of the sentence. The majority of available tools merely provide a lengthy list of synonyms. 
  • The reword tool from Rewrite only provides terms that can be directly replaced without generating mistakes. 
  • The rewording tool analyses each word’s parts of speech, runs an algorithm by taking into account the previous and following words, and offers accurate word alternatives on the fly. 
  • To improve the writing process, the rewording tool can be used in conjunction with the academic phrasebank, the paraphrasing tool, and the read-aloud option. 
  • The academic phrasebank will offer phrase templates that can be used to generate academic writing ideas. You can use this to plan out the paragraph.  You can use this to plan out the paragraph. 
  • After that, the sentence can be restructured and any grammatical problems can be fixed using the paraphrasing tool. Finally, you can utilize the rewording tool to swap out some of the casual or colloquial words with more scientific-sounding alternatives. 
  • Reading aloud, or even better, having someone else read it out loud, is one of the most efficient ways to proofread written material. 

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