What is Ayushman Bharat Card?

Ayushman Bharat Card

Aayushman Bharat is a health care scheme launched by the government of India in September 2018 to pay attention to the sustainable development of health and try to achieve the goal of no one being left out in this health care scheme. To take advantage of this Ayushman Bharat scheme, the government will provide an Ayushman Bharat card if you are eligible according to the conditions of the government. It covers 5 lakh health care amount. 

Who is Eligible for the Ayushman Bharat card? 

 This scheme is for the poor people and those who have low income, Families with no male members who can earn for them, Families who have one disabled member, Legally Bound laborers, and scheduled caste and scheduled tribe. This is the list of people who are eligible for the Ayushman Bharat card. 

Documents that you need for applying for an Ayushman Bharat card:

  • Ration card or Aadhar Card photocopy. 
  • Signed consent form
  • Signed self-declaration

Is the Ayushman Bharat scheme free?

The Aayushman Bharat scheme is free. Above mentioned eligibility criteria according to the Gst Suvidha Center, those people can only apply for an Ayushman Bharat scheme card. 

Benefits of this scheme: 

  • The cost will be covered by the Ayushman Bharat scheme. 
  • Diseases will be covered under the scheme.
  • Food services will be available.
  • Accommodation advantages.

The cost of medicines, treatment, and medical examination will be covered under this. Pre and post-hospitalized. Complications during treatment. 

Who is Not Eligible for this Scheme?

People who have one of these vehicles i.e. two-wheelers, three-wheelers, or four-wheelers. People whose monthly income is more than ten thousand. Government Employees. These people are not eligible for this scheme. 

Till this point, many eligible people still do not know about this scheme and are unable to take care of their health because of their poor income condition. As a citizen of India, it becomes our duty to let these people know about this scheme and its benefits.

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