What Is Bidet? 8 Reasons to Buy Them for Your Home

Have you ever wondered what is bidet, the purpose of a bidet or the prevalence of its use in African nations? Bidets are specialized bathroom fittings that are used for self-cleaning. In actuality, these technological marvels have existed for more than 300 years and have evolved considerably over that time. Bidet toilet is typically a standalone porcelain fixture that is positioned close to a standing toilet. These could have been misinterpreted as a very quick hand wash, but that is clearly not the case.

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With the redesign of the bidet during the previous 300 years, we have made significant progress. To give you the best bathroom experience without getting up from your seat, a bidet toilet seat essentially combines the advantages of a bidet with a standard WC.

Not only that, but these modern toilets also come with a tonne of extra features like automated sensors, temperature control, and water pressure adjustments via remote. Bidet toilet seats are frequently associated with smart toilet owing to their high-tech capabilities.

Here are eight reasons for getting a bidet toilet seat for your home:


The amount of toilet paper your home consumes can be greatly reduced by installing a bidet, which is great for the environment. The price of a bidet does not appear that high when you take into account the costs of packaging, shipping, and other extras for producing toilet paper.

A bidet is less hazardous to the environment and can help you save a lot of money over time. Additionally, the bleaching process used to make toilet paper is extremely harmful to both people and the environment. Dioxin is a byproduct of bleach that has been linked to cancer in both people and animals. By far, using a bidet is more environmentally beneficial.


You could save money and protect the environment by purchasing a bidet. Even though you have the greatest, you might still use a little bit of paper, but this usage would be negligible compared to not using a bidet. When you buy less toilet paper, there is less packaging to dispose of, which not only saves you money on toilet paper purchases but also reduces household trash.

Good for Skin

It can be harsh on our skin to clean ourselves with toilet paper. The warm wash provided by a bidet can be relaxing if you experience dry skin disorders and discomfort. By keeping yourself as clean as possible, you’ll feel more at ease. In a bidet, the user can adjust the water stream’s temperature and direction to their preferences.

Prevent Blockages

A bidet will help you avoid obstructions in your sewer pipes and will help you reduce plumbing issues in your home. Plumbing issues can be a little upsetting, and calling a professional plumber can be expensive. The danger of these problems can be decreased or perhaps completely prevented by using a bidet.

Elevates your Bathroom Experience

The obvious response to the question of what a bidet is used for, particularly a smart bidet, is that it elevates every bathroom experience. A bidet toilet seat gives you the best experience by thoroughly cleaning and washing you with the touch of a button. It guarantees the highest level of hygiene while making sure your comfort comes first.

Control temperature and pressure

The majority of modern smart toilet seats allow you complete control over the water pressure, temperature, and amount of wind that blows to keep you dry. One of the finest reasons to install an electric bidet seat in your bathroom is this super-smart perk. These bidets are substantially better for the environment because they decrease the demand for toilet paper. Additionally, some smart bidets have sensors that can stop water leaks.

Sanitary and Good for Health

However, there are additional advantages for some medical needs. Bidets are less unpleasant and more hygienic than toilet paper. A bidet provides a significant amount of relief for persistent medical disorders like hemorrhoids or constipation. The pain and suffering of constipation can be lessened by using a bidet sprayer that some bidet models provide.

The gentle pressure of water is more preferable to the abrasion of toilet paper for people who have hemorrhoids. Additional elements like warm water and a warm air dryer provide more comfort. A quick trip to the salon is what using a restroom with a bidet is like. It’s nice and comfy and provides the best bathroom experience.

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Comfy and Warm

Modern bidets come with a lot of options to meet your specific demands. Utilize the heated toilet seat function that some models offer to stay warm all winter long. With lids that rise and lower automatically, you can keep your restroom trips quiet! There are several features that take care of the annoying details that can be irritating.

Closing Thoughts

A bidet toilet South Africa is, in essence, a plumbing appliance with a water stream for post-toilet personal hygiene. Nearly every home in Japan, where bathing is a valued ritual, has a toilet with a built-in bidet, a contemporary hybrid that has become a must-have amenity in many upscale hotels.

Bidets, according to many eco-centric people, help save forests by reducing the production and misuse of toilet paper. Moreover, bidets conserve water by reducing the amount needed to produce toilet paper as well as the countless gallons that people waste while showering but a comprehensive bathroom experience that a bidet offers may be all that is required for your home in Africa. Visit Kohler Africa for more information regarding bidet toilet seats for sale.


  1. What does a bidet toilet actually do?

A stream of water is used by bidets, bathroom fixtures, to rinse you off after using the facilities. Since many years ago, bidets have gained popularity in Asia, South America, and Europe and have become common plumbing fixtures in many homes.

  • How long should you sit on a bidet toilet?

You’ll discover a button that controls the water temperature and pressure, much like the non-electric version. It is up to you how long the water is left running. According to research, 20 to 60 seconds of spraying is sufficient.

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