What is Business Coaching?

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Coaching is developing more and more in companies, but what exactly are we talking about? Different types of coaching can be offered to you, but what does it consist of? In which cases to call on a coach and for what benefits?

The coaching as I propose it is a personalized accompaniment of the leaders, managers, or managers based on a systemic approach applied to the Company.

This approach consists of approaching human situations in a global way as so many interactions within the “company” system, itself broke down into subsystems such as entities, departments, divisions, etc.

Individual coaching allows the person to know themselves well, which seems essential to communicate effectively with their collaborators. However, individual coaching and team coaching are complementary, because team coaching will make it possible to share a common vision of the objectives where everyone will find the meaning of their mission.

Complexity and paradox

From systemic analysis flow two notions related to any human system, paradox and complexity: paradox when the injunctions seem to oppose, complexity when the random or even the unpredictable interferes in the functioning.

These two concepts are found both at the level of the organization and also at the level of the individual:

The paradox: Organizations submit individuals to requirements that seem incompatible

Ex paradox: Managers and managers are subject to the requirements of the company in terms of objectives and efficiency, and in parallel to increasingly restrictive legislation in terms of risk prevention

The complexity of the individual: This is not reducible to a single dimension; it is plural, and in fact crossed by often divergent concerns

Ex complexity: the individual is divided between his individual needs (exacerbated by the of life based on individualization and consumption), and the rules of operation of the group.

 And concretely, what is it?

It, therefore, works on the relationships, the links, and the interactions between the different elements, entities, and collaborators of the company, which goes in the direction of the values ​​of a company that relies on human capital.

The systemic approach is not limited to the application to a group; it takes into account the passage between the rules of operation of the group and the place of each in the group.

Through personalized support, the role of the coach is to bring the person to change their outlook on their situation to enable them to find the solution to their professional problem. Different approaches resulting from the systemic analysis propose steps that allow to see the problematic situation from a different angle and thus to consider new solutions.

What difficulties can lead to coaching?

The difficulties can have multiple origins; the systemic analysis is adapted to situations such as:

Relationship problems in the broad sense: the posture of the manager, management of a team, conflict situation with a colleague, with a hierarchical superior…

Taking on a job with new responsibilities decision-making, time management, stress management… different situations that often stem from a problem of self-confidence, in others.

 For what benefits

The benefits of individual business coaching are multiple:

For the employee first

He is offered support that will allow him to take a step back from his professional activity. The accompaniment will allow him to become aware of the resources at his disposal to resolve his difficulty. He will thus find the meaning of his mission and his motivation. This opens up to a pro-active career development, a more assertive professional/personal life balance.

Then for the business

This support will allow the leader, manager or manager to clarify the vision of his objectives so that it fits into the strategic vision of the company. He will also be able to share it with the members of his team in order to improve his performance based on the individual skills made available to the objective. It is this shared vision that will allow everyone to rediscover the meaning of their mission and restore cohesion to the team.

In terms of image and employee loyalty

The benefit is twofold; it allows the company to retain its employees through a differentiating asset for the employee who has personalized support allowing him to take a step back from his professional activity.

This has repercussions in terms of customer image which, through the attention that the company pays to its employees, finds that which it pays to its customers.

In terms of Social and Environmental Responsibilities (CSR)

Undertaking a coaching approach goes in the direction of a company invested in the development of its CSR commitment. This is consistent with values ​​of respect for people and contributes to a climate of trust within the company.

Does this type of support seem consistent with the values ​​that your company supports? Do you have situations that concern you and for which you would like to have an outside perspective?

A professional small business coach is a flexible solution adapted to the business world.


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