What is CCIE EI Enterprise Architecture?

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What is CCIE EI Enterprise Architecture? When it comes to EI enterprise architecture, I believe that many network engineers will find it unfamiliar, and of course there are many people who already know it. Things start from June 2019, when Cisco released a new CCIE professional certification system framework. Cisco’s system framework has changed a lot this time. It has made updates and changes in many technical directions, especially <a Cisco CCIE Routing &amp; Switch (routing and switching direction), which has been fully upgraded to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (enterprise architecture direction).

According to Cisco’s official news, this new certification system will be released on February 24, 2020. Cisco will say goodbye to routing and switching and embrace the new direction of enterprise architecture. This is also a hot topic that has been frequently discussed in the online circle in recent months. The latest certification system has also added a boost to those who originally wanted to take the exam Since RS is about to withdraw from the historical stage, those who were hesitant about RS are now starting to Studying for the exam, because RS will be out of print in the future, plus many technical principles are learned from RS, but lay a good foundation and also need to get a good certification to prove your strength!

We go to Cisco’s official website now, and the expert certification interface is all about the latest and other related content, so what exactly is EI enterprise architecture? The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification proves your technical prowess with complex enterprise architecture solutions!

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification also requires the same two exams as before, a qualifying exam covering core enterprise infrastructure technologies and a hands-on enterprise network lab exam covering the entire network lifecycle, from design and deployment to operations and optimization.

It can be seen that the section of the experimental exam in the latest EI exam has been changed. The previous troubleshooting, diagnosis, and configuration have now become design, deployment, operation and optimization. These changes all depend on SD-WAN and SDA in the latest outline of EI, which are the best solutions for enterprise network architecture, which can solve the complexity of network configuration, provide convenience for employees, and provide network with stability and efficiency for some applications. In other words, Cisco’s latest certification is more about how to optimize the network architecture.

However, the emergence of a new technology is a new opportunity for network engineers. If they can seize the opportunity, they may be successful. It is still necessary to learn new technologies, and it is not only necessary to learn, but also to learn more deeply and thoroughly. The upgrade of routing and switching has become one of the EI enterprise architectures. This upgrade also shows the progress of the content. Candidates will be able to learn more things, and can also master the relevant knowledge more deeply and comprehensively.

At the same time, SPOTO will also follow the footsteps of Cisco and deploy in the teaching of EI enterprise architecture. If you want to learn EI enterprise architecture, then come to SPOTO!

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