What Is Infertility? Their Causes, Risks, And Treatments in Men!

What Is Infertility? Their Causes, Risks, And Treatments in Men!
What Is Infertility? Their Causes, Risks, And Treatments in Men!

Infertility is a significant problem married couples deal with. The struggle to get pregnant may take a heavy mental toll on the female partner. Unfortunately, both men and women can be infertile, resulting from different contributing factors. Fortunately, with the new technological advancement, some therapies and treatments have been proven to be effective in curing infertility. But unfortunately, most men usually find it hard to come forth as infertile. But, according to research about infertility in men, there are possible treatments that can help address the problem. But, what is infertility, the causes, possible risks, and treatments in men?

What Is Infertility?

Infertility is being unable to achieve a pregnancy after a year or more of unprotected sex. Infertility can occur due to several factors, both in men and women. In men, it is significantly associated with semen production. However, in most scenarios, it is difficult to explain the causes of infertility. But some explanatory symptoms can help you determine if you are infertile.

What Causes Infertility In Men?

The causes of infertility in men may not be the same for every man. Some causes vary from region to region due to socio-economic background, age, or family history. However, the most common causes that the World Health Organization registers include the following:

  • Hormonal disorders – these are the abnormalities in the hormones of a male, produced by the pituitary glands, testicles, and hypothalamus. Hormones like testosterone regulate the production of sperms. If there is a hormonal imbalance, it may lead to less or irregular production of sperms. Some of these disorders include testicular cancer.
  • Abnormal sperm quality and function – there are cases when the sperm has an abnormal shape, morphology, and abnormal movement, known as motility. These two conditions can affect the effectiveness of sperms causing infertility. For instance, anabolic steroids can affect semen parameters like shape and count. At Max Hospital, you will get the best infertility treatment in India For this condition and also get a specialist’s advice on what to do to avoid abnormal sperm function.
  • Testicular failure to produce sperms – there are some instances when the testicles cannot produce sperms. It may result from specific medical treatments that may impair the sperm-producing cells; it could be due to varicoceles.
  • Obstruction of the reproductive tract may cause dysfunctionalities in the injection of semen. There might be a blockage in the tubes carrying semen which are usually common due to infection of the genital tract or injuries.

What Are The Possible Risks Factors Of Infertility In Men?

Several risk factors can accuse infertility in men. Apart from these, other medical conditions and factors can still contribute to infertility problems. There are no identifiable causes in some cases, while in others, there may be only one cause or several causes. Some of the risks include:

  • Injury to the testicles or scrotum
  • Misuse of anabolic steroids
  • Testicular cancer and its treatments like chemotherapy
  • Genetic disorders like cystic fibroids
  • Low sperm count, or when testosterone is low, is a condition known as hypogonadism.
  • Undescended testicles
  • Enlarged veins in the scrotum, which is the sac holding the testicles
  • High heat exposure to the testicles from frequently using hot tubs or saunas.
  • Premature ejaculation is also known as retrograde ejaculation, where semen flows back into the bladder.

What Are The Treatment Plans For Infertility In Men?

While infertility may feel like the end of the road for many, it has treatment options that can help you regain your fertility. First, the necessary diagnosis needs to be carried out, which you can get at Max Hospital in India. Then, the doctors will do blood tests, scrotal ultrasound, and semen analysis to determine the problem before recommending the best possible treatment. Some of the possible treatments include:


Surgery is the best infertility treatment for men with blocked tubes responsible for storing and carrying sperms. Particularly, varicocele surgery can help the sperms become healthier, improving the chances of a successful conception.


Some medicines can help raise testosterone and other related hormone levels. If you are also struggling with erectile dysfunctions, some drugs can help. At Max Hospital in India, you will get counseling sessions as you go through your medication for whatever condition you may have to improve your fertility.

Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART)

ART treatments can also help treat infertility in men. It involves removing sperms through normal ejaculation, donor individuals, or surgical extraction, depending on an individual’s wishes. The sperms are then used for in-vitro fertilization or inserted into the female genital tract.

Infertility may lead to a mental setback, especially if you do not get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Most of the time, the treatments usually work, while in rare cases, some infertility conditions cannot be treated, and thus it becomes impossible to father a child. In this case, your fertility doctor may suggest other alternatives like sperm donors or adoption.

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