What is KUBET Dice? Guide to playing dice effectively

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Currently, the Kubet dice game is attractive to many people. This online betting game has very simple lotteries and high payout percentages.

If you want to understand this topic better, please follow the article below at Kubet for more details!

What is KUBET Dice?

Dice is one card game that attracts the attention of many betting players. With beautiful graphics configuration, this game has made a strong impression from the first time for those new to it. Especially its rules are straightforward but also very dramatic and cause a thrill when playing. Therefore, this game has been at the top of the most popular games at Ku casino.

KUBET dice is a game that uses five dice to play, similar to dice or dice. And the unique point here is that any player can do it. And they can play the dice against other players on the table. However, the odds of winning and losing gamers will be on each person’s bet rate.

The rules of the dice game at the KUBET bookie

Everyone needs to understand its rules if people want to play the Ku casino dice game effectively. Understanding that, we have listed the practices of this game for your reference. As follows:

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• At the beginning of the dice game, everyone has a right to win.

• The more you spend as a master, the higher your odds of doing it.

• In the field of multiples won as equal, the system will automatically choose the player with the most balance to do.

• After the time is up if the player does not have time to do it. Then the system will consider you have skipped your turn.

• In the above case, the system will automatically select a random player. And the most miniature set of numbers is the prime multiple.

• The main multiplier is the maximum compensation the player can pay corresponding to how many times the amount of Ante.

KUBET dice betting rules

• After you have selected one player to do. Then the other players will be converted into a house by the system. And start placing bets in this dice game.

• The higher the multiple bet a player has, the more balance he has.

• After the time has ended, you still haven’t finished placing your bet. At this time, the system will automatically bet on that player based on the smallest multiple.

Roll the dice and compare the results

• At the beginning of the game, the Kubet dealer will have the right to roll the first dice. Then continue after that, the children’s houses from child1 child 2, child3 child 4

• After that, the house will compare the dice results with the house to determine the winner or loser.

• And the houses on the table will not compare the dice results.

• And the player’s win or loss will be based on the combination of 5 dice.

Regulation of the score of the dice game

• The result will win when comparing the dice results with the more powerful combination.

• The result is a tie if the dice combinations are the same.

Rules for rolling the dice

• The KUBET dealer’s system will be pre-programmed, so you need to click on the “roll the dice” button. The system will automatically roll the dice up for you to predict.

• Dice roll time will be 2 seconds per turn.

• The dealer will be counted as winning when shaking “Storm”. In this case, the children will no longer need to roll the dice.

• The result of the https://kubet77.us/  dice game will not be counted when the dice are out. And then, the dealer will roll the dice again for the predicted player.

Game function

• Dice game with “Auto-co-arrange” mode. The system will automatically arrange the next table. And the dealer will stop when the player does not use this function.

• “Board game” mode: When the player selects this mode. Then the system will automatically arrange the player’s old table in the next game.

How to calculate dice score

The dice game points are arranged from large to small as follows: Storm – Tu – Quarter – Cu Lu – Sam – Animal – Double – High card. As follows:

• High hand: this is where all five dice on the table do not have the same score and do not form a chain.

• Double: Out of 5 dice, there will be 2 of the same number.

• Animals: Having two pairs of dice with the same number of points, each pair having a different number of points.

• Sam: It means that the dice on the table have the same points, and the other two are different.

• Cuddles: There will be two identical dice and one more matching pair with different points from the other dice.

• Lobby: 5 dice with consecutive scores from small to large.

• Quadruple: This Means four dice with the same number of points.

• Storm: A case where all dice have the same score.

How to operate the KUBET dice game

You need to win the one on that table to play the dice game at the KUBET house. There will be a total of 5 dice on the table, and players on the table will wager multiples to win. Then you guys go along with three other families. 

Compare points to distinguish high and low. The bonus paid to the house will be according to the odds of each house deciding.

How to play dice at the KUBET bookie

Once you understand the dice game, everyone needs to know how to play it at KUBET. Understanding that, we have listed the steps to play KUBET dice for your reference. As follows:

• Step 1: Everyone, please log in to the official link of the KUBET bookie.

• Step 2: Then proceed to log in to your Ku casino member account on the main interface of the house.

• Step 3: On the main screen of KUBET, please select “Games” and then continue to click on the “3D” section. Then please scroll down a bit to find a dice game to play.

• Step 4: Start the game. You bet multiples to win the right to do. When a player has the dice will be rolled, and the house will place bets. Then the players on the table will compare the points to determine the winner.

The most effective dice-playing experience

When you understand the rules of the Ku casino dice game, everyone needs to refer to its playing tips. As follows:

• You need to understand the rules of the dice game to play effectively.

• Know how to observe and listen to the sound of dice to predict and bet correctly.

• Refer to the experience of playing from the experts who specialize in playing dice to improve the level of play.

• Bet moderately not to lose too much capital when losing.

• Players are not allowed to lose or lose when playing betting games in general and card games of dice in particular.

Above is detailed general information about the dice game for your reference. Hopefully, Kubet above article will bring many valuable things to you and help you play more effectively.


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