What Is Machine Learning?

machine learning

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is a type of artificial intelligence that provides machines the ability to understand the past and analysis of data to produce better outcomes prediction with less intervention from a human.

Machine learning methods allow the computer to operate independently without explicit programming. It uses a large volume of data for analysis and predicts the outcome. The application of ML is fed with new data, and then they are continuously evolving and growing independently.

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The first recognition of ML is from the enigma machine used in world war II so you can imagine how old machine learning is but today’s Ml is not the same is much more evolved and powerful and becoming more and more advanced and continuously. With arising of Big Data, IoT, and advanced computing, machine learning has become essential to solve numerous problems.

How Machine Learning Works:

The Three major building blocks of the system are the model, parameters, and the learner.

  • Model
    The model is the system that makes the solution
  • Parameters
    These are the factors that are used by the system for the prediction
  • Learner
    This makes the adjustment in the parameter align with the system to produce actual results.

Types of Machine Learning:

ML algorithms can be trained in multiple ways to predict better results, and there are four types of machine learning which are the following. 

Supervised machine learning 

 The data used in supervised machine learning is used with label datasets that provide the result of the respective dataset. For example, we provide the dataset of frog and cat, and machines then analyze data including color, eyes, shape, etc., and then we give the picture, and they predict the correct answer from the frog and cat pictures. Supervised is further classified into two types.


  1.  These are the algorithm that provides the results that are categorical, for e.g., True, false or Yes, No, etc.


  1.  These are the regression algorithm used to handle regression problems where input and output variables are in linear relationships. Examples are whether forecasting, market trend analysis, etc.

Unsupervised Machine Learning

 Unsupervised is the opposite of supervised learning here; we are training datasets that are unlabeled and trying to predict the output without any supervision. It is also classified into two parts.

  1. Clustering: 

The clustering technique refers to creating a group of objects into clusters based on parameters like similarities.         

2. Association

Association learning refers to identifying typical relations between the variables of a large dataset. It determines the dependency of various data items and maps associated variables. Typical applications include web usage mining and market data analysis.

 The Semi-Supervised Learning

The semi-supervised learning gets the characteristics of both the learning and uses both label and unlabeled training sets to reach the accurate result for it. Using both types of dataset overcome the many drawbacks which were occurred before. 


Reinforcement learning is a feedback-based process. It is mostly used for gaming and navigation where the machine has to take a step on its own, and there are rewards for good actions and penalties for the wrong move, so here the primary purpose is to maximize the rewards by performing good actions.

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