What is pixel pitch? Why it is important when you hire LED Screen

It is not surprising that we will come across the essential concept of “pixel pitch” when discussing LED screens . How important is pixel pitch for an LED screen? How do you choose the right pixel pitch for your LED screen? This article will provide some guidance to help you make the right choice.

We all know this: LED displays To play videos and images, use LEDs (light emitting diodes). One pixel can be described as an LED light. Pixel pitch, as its name suggests, is the distance between two pixels. The center distance between two LED clusters. We will usually abbreviate it as “PH” or P to indicate the pixel pitch. LED wall For example, PH3mm or P4 (or sometimes PH5 and P6mm). The value of the pixel spacing per millimeter is what you will see in the “PH” or P figures.

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between two LED clusters.

It is easy to see that the center distance between two pixels is smaller when the pixel pitch of the display is small. This indicates that a display with a smaller pixel pitch may contain more pixels when the display area has been determined. This allows for more content and clearer images or videos to be displayed.

Which factors are important to determine pixel pitch? How?

A smaller pixel pitch LED screen can display more beautiful content. You might conclude that the best choice is the one with the lowest pixel pitch. It’s still too early to make this conclusion. LianTronics’ best pitch LED display is PH0.7mm. The limitations of LED packaging technology, safety requirements for PCB layout, production craftsmanship, and other factors mean that the pixel pitch of a display cannot be infinitesimal. Another factor to be considered is practical application. optimal viewing distance.

With content delivery maximization, a large LED wall can offer a more comfortable viewing experience for audiences. The optimal viewing distance range (mm) is PHX(mm),*1,000 and PHX[mm]*3,000. This is an authoritative rule of thumb. As an example, take a PH10mm LED screen. The ideal viewing distance is between 10mm*1,000 and 10mm*3,000. It is recommended to view the object from 10m*1,000 to 10mm*3,000, i.e. between 10 and 30 meters.

The optimal viewing distance for the LED wall will dictate the pixel pitch.

This is why a PH10mm LED display It looks amazing from 10 to 30 meters away. The screen will look great from 10 to 30 meters away. However, if viewers stand too close, they might be able to identify individual LEDs, which can degrade viewing enjoyment. If they stand too far away, it is possible to miss the message being broadcast.

If you’re looking for something else, outdoor LED billboard Passers-by won’t walk closer to you within 10 meters so it’s not necessary to invest in an LED display lower than PH10mm. A PH10mm LED wall is no different from a PH10mm one. PH4mm – LED wall Finer pixels pitch and viewers standing 10 meters away means higher costs.

To determine the pixel pitch for your project’s LED wall, you must consider the following factors: installation height, display configuration, budget, and more. If you want further guidelines for the appropriate LED screen, please feel free to contact our sales experts or contact megascreen.co.nz

Selim Khan

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