What Is The Best Size Swimming Pool Tiles?

Swimming Pool Tiles
Swimming Pool Tiles

Many swimming pool owners during selection consider the dimensions of the waterline as the most important factor. However, you need to consider other factors as well. This blog will discuss the best dimensions for swimming pool waterline tiles. You should know the reasons for 6×6 tiles being amongst the best choice.

For the best-looking swimming pool waterline tiles, you’ll want to choose a 6×6 pool tile. These tiles give you a modern customized look. To learn more about choosing the best size for pool waterline tiles, keep reading!

What Is The Best Size Swimming Pool Tiles?

The tiles for swimming pool come in several different sizes. 6×6 pool tile size is the best. This is the most standard size tile on the market and they make installing swimming pool tiles quick and easy. The downside to this size is that it can take longer to cover your swimming pool with these squares, so it might not be the best option if you want to complete it in less time.

If you’re looking for a quicker way to finish your project, then a 4 or 8 x 4 size will work better. For example, for a 10′ x 20′ swimming pool, you’ll need about 26 – 52 square feet of surface area to cover the waterline from one side to the other. With a 6×6 pool tile, it would require 30 – 60 pieces which could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how much time each day you spend working on the project.

Why Should You Get 6×6 Pool Tiles?

If you are searching for swimming pool tiles for sale, then a 6×6 pool tile might be your best choice. What is the most suitable size for the tiles? It all depends on what you want and need, but the majority of swimming pool makers are opting to go with this size. They provide a more aesthetically pleasing look. These sizes fit well into most manufacturers’ pre-cut slats so they are also easier to install. This size is appropriate if you have enough space or you want to create as little extra work as possible.

There are many reasons why you should buy swimming pool tiles for sale. For example, it allows you to build a great-looking swimming pool area without going too over budget. Most importantly it won’t take up much money from your budget compared with other types of swimming pools. whether you install it indoors or outdoors it will look good. Many people prefer using ceramic tile over concrete anyway. Ceramic tile looks better than concrete because it lasts longer than its less decorative counterparts.

 Pool Tiles Vs Pool Liners?

A pool liner is a sheet of plastic that lines the interior of your pool. pool tiles serve as the outer surface for the liner. pool tiles are connected to make different patterns and designs. Generally, a pool tile should be smaller than an inch in size because there are no seams between each unit of tile when it comes to installation. Liners can also come as pre-cut pieces that have been formed into some shape such as square tiles.

There are three main types of tiles for swimming pool. They include glazed and unglazed natural stone, cultured marble, and ceramic finish. The most popular type of tile for swimming pool is porcelain tiles due to their durability and low maintenance features. The average length for porcelain tiles ranges from 12 x 12 up to 24 x 24. What size is the most suitable for tiles on a swimming pool waterline? Some experts recommend that you should use 6×6 tile on waterlines as it will offer maximum protection from erosion.

6×6 Pool Tile- The Best Choice 

There are many sizes of swimming pool waterline tiles that can be purchased from a tile store, but not all sizes are ideal. The best size to select is always going to be related to your available space and requirements. In this case, if you only want to create a small area of the in-ground swimming pool with tiles, then you will want to go with small 6×6 sq. feet swimming pool waterline tiles.

Remember that the smaller they are, the more expensive they will be. If you have extra room or money, then a larger 9×12 sqft or 12 x 12 sqft is perfect as well because there will be more pieces needed and ultimately more patterns/color options.

Why Should You Opt For 6×6 Pool Tiles?

Swimming pools can be a great way to cool off in the summer months. They allow you and your family to get a break from the heat. Pools are built indoors or outdoors and can be enjoyed throughout the year. some pools are backyard additions as well.

There is a lot of variety in pool tile sizes. Most of the time you cannot take full advantage of your swimming pool size. In these instances, it is best to choose 6×6 pool tiles. This provides you with more versatility than any other option in the market.


we summarize that the most suitable size of swimming pool waterline tile is 18 tiles. The ideal shape is hexagonal. This makes your swimming pool look more beautiful. The clear and patterned tiles are the perfect choice for walls and floors for a high-gloss finish. This makes your backyard area elegant and glamorous.

You also need to consider what color should be on the mosaic tiles for swimming pools. Generally, a light pastel or neon palette might suit an outdoor space. A bolder color palette would work better in an indoor area, but this depends on personal preference.

Pool tiles are an essential part of any swimming pool installation. They’re used for both pool walls and the deck. When selecting pool tiles, it is important to consider the changes you want to make to the structure of your pool. The better the selection the more amazing the pool will look.

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