What is the Verifi bed bugs detector?

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Bed bugs are very tiny pests that normally cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some special magnifying glasses and lenses are used to see them. They feast on human blood. Thinking about these kissing bugs scrolling around you while you are sleeping creates a situation of restlessness. These blood-sucking pests cause itching and redness on the skin. Your pets are also not in a safe zone in their presence. Many devices are made to get rid of these pests. These devices are not equal in their durability, reliability, and effectiveness. One of these devices is the verifi bed bugs detector.

Verify bed bugs detector

Verifi bed bugs detector is the first device made to lure bed bugs. This device works actively for 90 days. It is a device that works cautiously. It is easily accessible and affordable. It is easy to handle and can trap bugs easily.

Out of the box of this detector, you can find CO2 booster packs and a pheromone/ kairomone lure.

Verifi bed bug detector works multifaceted. It uses different methods to trap bugs. One of its methods to trap bugs is to release the chemicals. These chemicals are released into the air. Blood-sucking pests are attracted and lured by them. There is a specialized chamber that works as a slippery room for the bugs. It is hard for them to move out of the room. The bugs can be trapped in that chamber for almost 90 days. During this time, another detector can be arranged for the next time. This is the only active detector available to pest control professionals. That’s why you cannot see another detector.

This detector is installed against the wall,  under your bed, or on the back of your furniture or bed. This device contains the CO2 gas booster and the chemicals. This is not an ideal product for travelers. 

This bed bug detector has been discontinued for a long time. It is only available to some pest control professionals. So for getting rid of these pests, you need to fork out for pest removal. The victims of these pests need to make a contract with the professionals. It is really money and time-consuming game.

Box of Verifi bed bugs

This bed bugs detector is occupied by the CO2 booster pack and the verifi lure. 

The CO2 booster pack sometimes creates suffocation for human beings for at least one day. It releases CO2 upon reaction. This reaction takes place on activation of this detector. It does not need any kind of battery or an electric shock to start.

Moreover, it also contains two kinds of chemicals that act as attractants. These chemicals are kairomone and pheromone. Kairomone acts as an attractant for the bed bugs who move in search of food. Pheromone attracts bed bug contagious in the slick chamber. This chamber doesn’t allow the bed bugs to move out of the chamber. The CO2  and the kairomone call the blood-seeking pests to the pitfall of this detector. Both chemicals, kairomone, and pheromone are separated. This feature makes it a unique device and helps to vanish confusion about bugs. Pheromone attractant is made to attract the bed bugs in the harborage area. So this rectifier helps to get rid of the bugs in an easy way. The CO2 booster and the verifi lure are replaceable.

Blood-sucking pests

The slick room of the detector doesn’t grant the bed bugs to move out of it. It prevents any bugs from climbing out of it. This device also provides visual evidence of the infestations. The blood-sucking pests unite at the harborage area at the back of the detector. This device is connected to the wall or the furniture with the help of a sticker. It doesn’t need any kind of electric tool to connect with the wall.


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