What Makes Business Travel Accommodation Feel Luxurious?

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Finding hotels for business travelers that meet their specific needs may be difficult. Sometimes a trip is organized at the last minute, and there aren’t many rooms available. The best you can do is book your visitors into a Days Inn on the outskirts of town when they have to stay in a city before it hosts a significant event like the Super Bowl or a convention.

However, finding accommodations that fit your needs and the needs of your traveling companions is fulfilling when you have a choice. When allowed to unwind and revitalize in hotels that you have carefully chosen for them, your team members will be at their most productive. If you’re in charge of booking accommodations for a visiting team, consider the top 10 elements on our list.


Location still holds a lot of weight. Travel managers can use a trip’s main objective to direct team members in picking the best hotel. Efficiency is also improved by proximity. Greater time spent working means less time spent commuting inside the city.

Most hotel search engines allow you to focus your results on a city’s distance, a zip code, or even a particular landmark. In other words, it is straightforward to find a hotel close by. Why not go the extra mile in such a case?

Does your business allow employees to book their lodging? If that’s the case, it could be a good idea to have seminars where participants can discover hotels in certain locations using filters. Alternatively, you could send them regular emails informing them where to find high-quality hotels close to where they like to go.


It becomes obvious how technology fits into this situation. The industry’s top hotel companies have enhanced the whole tourist experience using technology and automation. Hotel brands are meeting the increased demand from business travelers for mobile check-in and checkout. These modern luxuries aren’t only appreciated by weary business travelers anymore; they’re nearly taken for granted.

The booking procedure can also be facilitated by automation and contemporary technologies. No matter who makes the booking, preset preferences linked to a loyalty number guarantee that customers have the kind of experience they want (a travel agent, a travel manager, or a team member).

Free Wi-Fi

Even considering staying at a hotel that charges for Wi-Fi is unacceptable in 2018. That must take place. Having Wi-Fi that is as quick as possible is preferred.

Utilize loyalty programs and status to ensure that your consumers have access to the fastest Wi-Fi accessible. Additionally, it is rare for hotels to offer free but slower Internet access to lower-status clients while charging them more (or limiting their access) to higher-status clients.

Verify that the corporate travel agency you select can negotiate status for your business travelers. Traveling team members will feel more at ease as a result, and they might even be able to save money by avoiding pricey Internet fees.

Many plugs

Business travelers today want easy access to various outlets so they may charge their different electronic gadgets. They’ll probably book a hotel and need many outlets to power various gadgets. A plug must also be accessible for the iron when it’s time to press a shirt the night before. With the booking of hotel you must also look for a chauffeur service for your comfort.

Many hotels are unaware of how crucial it is to give patrons access to charging stations. Make an effort to pick a hotel that has recently been constructed or extensively renovated. Modern venues are more likely to have outlets for visitors who need to plug in their electrical gadgets.

Meeting Room Accessibility

Business travel is frequently required to acquire new clients, pitch concepts to existing ones, or hold essential conversations that cannot be held over the phone. Because of this, hotels must provide accessible meeting rooms and conference areas for clients.

Before a big presentation or pitch, having a team meeting in a conference room or meeting space is an excellent opportunity for team members to practice their presentations. Getting that job to practice presentations or pitches in front of potential clients or investors might make all the difference. A stuffy hotel room is also not the best location for dress rehearsals or test runs. It’s fantastic when accommodations provide visitors easy access to AV features like projectors and screens so they may utilize them with their electronic devices.

Services Quickly

Any services a business traveler needs should be delivered promptly and effectively. Within 30 minutes, room service should show up. Late-night access to services like dry cleaning and shoe polishing is necessary. Itineraries for business visits are frequently quite constrained, with aircraft arriving and departing on the same day. There is no time to spare when it comes to eating and getting ready for the next day.

Healthy Hotel Food

A significant challenge when traveling is keeping one’s health. Red meat and wine are routinely served at business dinners, and airports are loaded with tempting fast food options.

It is advised that you look for hotels that serve wholesome cuisine, ideally through room service. Although most business travelers eat at airports and meetings, offering wholesome breakfast, lunch, and supper options are frequently welcomed.

Simple Fitness

Having a fitness center is insufficient on its own. Many business travelers need access to a fitness center in town and anticipate it to be sizable, practical, and clean.

Standing in line for a workout is frustrating since the fitness center is so small. Visitors frequently give up looking when a hotel’s fitness center is so hard to discover. It’s also a significant letdown when a visitor gets on a treadmill only to discover that the belt is too loose or that the built-in TV is just showing static. If a guest has a negative experience at the fitness center, they are less likely to return.

A Productive and Relaxing Environment

Business travelers frequently have one of two main goals when staying at a hotel. Either they should be working or relaxing, or both. Therefore, it is wise to look for accommodations that emphasize both.

A hotel that values its visitors’ productivity will offer them a large, well-lit desk with plenty of outlets. The hotel has a 24-hour business center where visitors may take care of other businesses in addition to the previously stated blazing-fast Wi-Fi.

The serenity and quiet the motel offers are excellent for a restful night’s sleep. A lone traveler might prefer a king-size bed to a queen, particularly if it is furnished with fine linens.

Relaxing Spot

The best hotels provide tranquil common spaces where visitors can mingle over drinks, listen to live music or watch the sunset. Not all lodgings provide resort-style facilities like a balcony or an in-pool bar. But it’s always nice to have a common space where guests can unwind outside their rooms. Even though bedrooms are meant for leisure and relaxation, spending excessive time in one may make you feel like you’re hibernating.


Finally, each person has a different definition of what “luxury” is. Prioritize what is most important to you in terms of comfort and happiness, and then probe deeply into potential changes until you are certain you are getting what you want.  If your company intends to host a corporate event of any type, be sure to contact a London-based event chauffeur.

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