What to Do in the Event of a Dental Emergency 

A dental emergency can be an intense and frightening experience, but it is important to remain calm and know what you can do. Fortunately, our emergency dentist at Walk-in Dental Katy is here to help. We are located in Greater Houston, conveniently located at 20919 Kingsland Blvd Katy, TX 77450. Our team is available for a full range of general and emergency dental services with different options for affordable treatment and payment plans. 

Types of Dental Emergencies 

The most common types of dental emergencies include broken or chipped teeth, toothaches, swelling, and repairs to damaged dental work such as crowns or dentures. If you have any of these issues, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately. It is also recommended that you keep up with your routine dental appointments so that any issues can be addressed before they become emergencies. 

What to Do During a Dental Emergency 

If you find yourself with a sudden dental emergency or pain, the following steps will ensure that you receive the best care possible: 

• Contact an emergency dentist – The first step should always be calling your dentist’s office or an emergency dentist close by like Walk-in Dental Katy (713) 999 5328. Our staff will provide immediate assistance and determine if it is necessary to visit us right away or wait until the next day for an appointment with your dentist. 

• Stay calm – While this may seem easier said than done in some cases, staying calm during a dental emergency can help ease pain and reduce anxiety levels. Take slow deep breaths if needed until professional help arrives. 

• Manage pain – Pain management techniques such as taking over-the-counter medications (e.g., ibuprofen) and applying ice packs can help reduce pain levels until more advanced treatments are available from your dentist or the Emergency Dentist at Walk-in Dental Katy in Greater Houston.  

• Preserve the tooth – If possible, try to preserve any broken pieces of tooth that may have been knocked out due to trauma or damage caused by decay or infection. Doing so can increase the chances of successful restoration once you arrive at our clinic for treatment.  

Conclusion: No one wants to experience a dental emergency but thankfully they do not have to suffer through one alone! Our Emergency Dentist at Walk-in Dental Clinic in Katy provides a full range of general and emergency services along with different options for affordable treatment and payment plans so no one has to go without care when facing an urgent situation involving their teeth! Contact us today at (713) 999 5328 for more information about our services!


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