What to look for when selecting custom product packaging?

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A proper product launch requires proper product packaging that could address all of the personal and professional needs. Businesses can get customized packaging for their products of any size and dimension. An ample choice of structural and visual designs marks a brand distinctive from rivals. A firm can blend design with the embossing, glueing, scoring, and foiling options. Moreover, freedom of material and printing technology selection also enables getting quality in every aspect. Offset and digital printers increase the appeal of the design layout with modern CMYK colour schemes. Meanwhile, the use of gloss or matte finishes protects print and packaging quality for a longer duration.

Startup firms often seem confused about the selection of a packaging solution for products they are going to launch. A wrong selection can lead to a waste of money and harm to brand prestige. Yet, there are some general parameters for the selection of product packaging that any business can follow to make a fine selection. Let’s delve into details and know about what to look for while getting product boxes from a firm.   

Prioritize product packaging quality

The main factor to consider in the selection of custom product boxes is their quality. Make sure to assess how much damage this packaging can hold under harsh conditions. Always give top priority to the quality of materials and other aspects related to it. Never compromise for a degraded material for saving some money as it would have less resistance against the influencing factors. Prefer getting a cardboard box with multiple layers. It will help tackle damage to delicate items during shipping and moisture against food items. On the other hand, considering printing quality is also vital to win the trust of customers. Never get packaging from a firm that is still relying on outdated printing technologies. Get your packaging printed with the digital or offset printer that uses CMYK colour schemes to stop colour variation issues.  

Choose an easy to print material

One factor that most firms ignore is the selection of a material that suits the commonly available printers. Technology has made it is possible to print over anything. But, it might increase the overall costs and time taken to finish the printing job. Custom boxes made with cardboard or bux board material are easy to print. These materials can easily pass through any printer regardless of their thickness level. Choosing such material is vital to print the promotional content over packaging and to make it attention-grabbing. You have to rely upon the printed stickers if that material is not a good printing substrate. Poor quality materials often result in the spread of printing ink that is not good for leaving an impression on buyers.  

Consider the environmental impact

Several different packaging types exist in the market, and brands choose a random solution according to their desire. It is common to see the metallic, glass, wooden or plastic packaging types. However, give a top priority to cardboard boxes because of their zero impact on the environment. On the other hand, plastic packaging creates pollution and recycling it is almost impossible. Other said types cost higher, can consume a huge budget, and are also less environmentally friendly. Cardboard material is rich with sustainable traits because of its recycling and quick decay abilities. There are alternative raw materials like cornstarch, seaweed, and mushrooms that are perfect for their production. Your clients will admire taking brave steps and accepting the social duty of keeping the environment clean by using green packaging. This factor will boost sales volume and brand honour quickly.  

Consider product packaging ergonomics

Another aspect to look for is the ergonomics of the custom packaging you are going to select. Making changes in design constantly after some time shows the amateur attitude of a business. Thus, pay attention to the appealing looks of packaging and think from the customer’s view. A boring design can fuel up the frustration of customers. So, they will lose interest in the products and switch to other options. Make sure they are getting an amusing interaction with your products on display at retail stores. Add a curious element that quickly draws the attention of buyers. You can be witty with the design by adding popping animated characters to the packaging walls. Moreover, play with the colours and choose and make a vivid colour selection for an appealing look of products.  

Look for a unique customized solution

Never buy readymade packaging for saving a little time and effort. People have got used to seeing the old brown boxes everywhere. So, try to do something unique and introduce the custom options in packaging. Custom product boxes will help your brand build a strong and separate identity in the market. Doing it is essential to winning the contest because of the presence of rival brands in the same industry. Introduce the features like die-cut windows, foiling, and scoring to lift aesthetics. Moreover, pay a little attention to the unboxing of products. Make it engaging by using creative ideas like sleeve style design.  

Invest in packaging design optimization

Standard packaging available at the open markets does not cater to business needs perfectly. The best option is to opt for boxes made rightly according to product nature. Thus, test that either your products fit perfectly in the custom packaging you have chosen. If not so, then optimize the design and adjust it accordingly. Using misfit boxes can cause free motion of products inside or can make them much crowded. Moreover, packaging prices increase with every inch because of the more material usage. Apart from it, visual design optimization is also vital. Use high-resolution images to display for promotion and get the whole design file produced under CMYK. Also, investing in finishing options is also a way to improve design aesthetics.

Opting for these tips while choosing a product packaging will save you from trouble caused later on. Such lovely and improved packaging makes it easier to attract buyers by raising the visibility of products. Moreover, factors like the selection of an optimized packaging also reduce the costs required to spend over it. A refined and unique packaging soon becomes the identity of a firm. Buyers start recognizing products by their design.


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