What To Wear To An Aqeeqah Party In The UK?

What To Wear To An Aqeeqah Party In The UK?
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Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 04:07 pm

In Islamic culture, Aqeeqah is a significant event in the life of a newborn baby. It is a celebration of the baby’s arrival in the family, and it usually takes place a few days after the birth. During the Aqeeqah party, family members and friends gather to celebrate the occasion and offer their prayers and blessings for the baby. In the UK, the Aqeeqah party is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion.

What is an Aqeeqah Party?

As mentioned earlier, Aqeeqah is a religious ceremony that takes place after the birth of a child in Islamic culture. The purpose of this ceremony is to show gratitude to Allah for the blessing of a new child and to welcome the child into the family. It is also an opportunity for the parents to announce their child’s name and offer prayers and blessings for their child’s health, prosperity, and success in life.

The Aqeeqah party is a celebration that follows the Aqeeqah ceremony. The parents of the newborn baby usually host it, and they invite their family members, friends, and neighbours to celebrate the occasion. The Aqeeqah party is a joyous occasion involving feasting social interaction and gift-giving.

What to Wear to an Aqeeqah Party in the UK?

Attending an Aqeeqah party in the UK requires modest yet stylish attire. As it is a religious ceremony, it is important to dress conservatively, covering the arms, legs, and chest. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing what to wear to an Aqeeqah party:

For Women

Women can opt for a variety of modest and fashionable outfits. Long dresses or skirts with tops are a popular choice for Aqeeqah parties. Maxi dresses with floral prints or pastel colours are also a great option. If you prefer to wear pants, choose loose-fitting pants paired with a blouse or tunic.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting or revealing clothes as they are inappropriate for the occasion. It is also essential to cover your head with a hijab or scarf as a sign of respect for the religious ceremony.

For Men

Men can choose from a variety of outfits for the Aqeeqah party. Traditional attire such as a thobe or shalwar kameez is a popular choice. A dress shirt with pants or chinos is also an acceptable option.

It is important to avoid wearing shorts, ripped jeans, or graphic t-shirts as they are not considered appropriate for the occasion. Wearing a hat is optional but not necessary.


Accessories are an essential part of any outfit and can help elevate your look. For women, a simple clutch or handbag and a pair of elegant earrings can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. A watch and a leather belt can help complete your look for men.

It is important to remember that accessories should be modest and not too flashy. Avoid wearing jewellery or accessories that are too loud or flashy.


Choosing the right colors for an Aqeeqah party is also important. Opting for soft, muted tones such as pastels, creams, or light greys is best. Bright or neon colors are not appropriate for the occasion. Avoid wearing black or dark colors as they are associated with mourning.


Comfortable shoes are a must for any party, and an Aqeeqah party is no exception. Women can opt for comfortable flats or sandals, while men can wear dress shoes or loafers.

It is essential to avoid wearing sneakers or athletic shoes as they are not considered appropriate for the occasion. Also, avoid wearing shoes that are too casual or worn out.

Buying Aqeeqah party clothes can be daunting, especially if you are looking for modest yet stylish outfits. However, with the rise of online shopping, buying Aqeeqah party clothes has become more accessible than ever.

My Islamic Celebration is an online store specialising in Islamic clothing and accessories. They offer a wide range of Aqeeqah party clothes for both men and women. From traditional thobes and shalwar kameez to elegant maxi dresses and skirts, My Islamic Celebration has something for everyone.

Their clothes are made from high-quality fabrics and designed to be both modest and stylish. They offer a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect outfit for the occasion.


Attending an Aqeeqah party in the UK is an opportunity to experience Islamic culture and celebrate the birth of a new child. When choosing what to wear, it is important to dress modestly and respectfully. A traditional thobe or smart shirt and trousers are appropriate for men, while women should wear a long dress or skirt covering the ankles and a hijab to cover the hair.

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