What You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

If you have indoor allergies, your home’s air ducts may be to blame. They may be dirty or blocked, affecting airflow in your home. You may also notice decreased comfort in your home. In these cases, it may be time to call an air duct cleaning company to take care of the problem.


There are several factors that will affect the cost of air duct cleaning. The size of the system, its accessibility, and its amount of contamination will determine how much it will cost. Additional factors such as the presence of asbestos or pests can increase the price. For example, if your furnace has been in your home for years, it may be more expensive to have it cleaned than a new one.

Mold is the most common reason to hire an air duct cleaning company. It’s a serious problem and can be a major health concern. You should have the mold inspected before you hire a company to clean your ductwork. Professional mold removal can cost up to $2,000 and requires special equipment and chemicals. In addition to mold removal, air duct sanitizing can help prevent future mold growth and may be worth the extra money.

The more complex your ducts are, the more you will have to pay. This is because cleaning more complicated ducts takes longer.


There are several different methods for air duct cleaning. The most common one is called source removal. It involves mechanical agitation and extraction of debris from the air duct system. This method ensures complete removal of contaminants and makes the ducts compliant with industry standards. Source removal is a safe and effective way to clean the ducts in a home or office.

This method is the safest. It involves using a portable HEPA filtered vacuum and an agitation device to clean the air ducts. HEPA filters help prevent cross contamination, which is crucial for removing allergens. Luckily, new technologies continue to improve this air duct cleaning process.

The most effective air duct cleaning method depends on the type of HVAC system and the contaminants present. These factors differ from home to home, so there is no one best method. The best way to decide which technique to use for your home is to ask a professional for recommendations.

EPA registration

The EPA has issued guidance for sanitizers and disinfectants that are used in HVAC&R systems. This guidance is meant to help companies identify the most effective products for HVAC&R systems. It is also a good idea to check the EPA registration of the products used in HVAC&R systems.

A few products are registered with the EPA for use inside bare sheet metal air ducts. But many others are not. These products are registered as sanitizers for other hard surfaces, which includes the interior of bare sheet metal ducts. If all of the directions on the label are followed, the products may be used in unlined ducts legally. However, some of these products contain chemicals that can harm human health.

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These products are registered with the EPA for the purpose of controlling the bacterial and fungal populations in HVAC systems. These microorganisms can cause serious health issues, including allergies and asthma flare-ups. Additionally, they can cause nausea and dizziness. In fact, the EPA ranks indoor air quality among the top five environmental threats. BBJ has developed EPA-registered products for this purpose.

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