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With the extensive involvement of technologies on the internet, IP is often considered the root of your electrical devices. Many of you think what’s my IP? Internet protocol (IP) is an online address that helps machines to communicate and allows users to track their location. The IP address directs the data to its exact location and defines how devices interact on the internet.

Despite these, the IP address is similar to the GPS locations of different devices. The IP address functions as a mailing address for your online activity, like watching the video on social media such as youtube and searching for a five-star hotel to spend your coming holidays. 

Check your IP

Checking your IP address is accessible. If you want to check your IP, you can choose “what’s my IP” or ”IP finder tool by Preplained ” websites and get the results by adding this phrase in the search bar. Google will display the IP address of your device. Google will also show the location of your registered address. But dont worry; it will never reveal your location besides the one you have added in Google. 

Can you change your IP address? 

It’s a relatively easy task to change your IP. You can change this address in simple ways. 

Reset your router or change your network 

When you switch your devices and connect them with others, it will ch age the IP address. The most common phenomenon of this happening is switching off your mobile data and connecting your device with available Wi-Fi. It will change your device’s IP address. 

Moreover, you can also change the IP when you reset the router because it will enable your ISP to get the new IP address by forgetting the existing one. 

Utilize the VPN 

A virtual private network is a robust way to change your IP by hiding your online activity. It will not allow a third party to monitor your online activity by masking your IP address. VPN protects your online identity, and you can access various geographically blocked platforms for your IP address. 

Contacting with ISP 

Another way to change your IP is to contact your ISP and ask them to change it. 

Tor browser 

You can use the tor browser to change your IP. Your address changes whenever you do new research. When you visit the websites using the tor browser, the websites will see your new address rather than the original one. 

What does an IP address reveal? 

When you register your device with Google, it will show some specific information about your location. The top displaying results are 

  • City 
  • Country 
  • State/ province 
  • ZIP/ postal code

Moreover, when you visit a website, it often creates a profile about you. The profile contains different elements like 

  • Fingerprints of researchers 
  • Marketers 
  • Metadata 
  • Cookies 
  • Trackers 
  • Advertisers 

Does everyone on the internet have IP?

Entrepreneurs who are running an online business have specific IP addresses. If you are thinking, what’s my IP address? The answer is yes; everyone using search engines to run their business and research has their IP address. The address helps the sender and recipient to converse with each other.

They use each other’s IP addresses to find and exchange information. It’s similar to real-life happening. The example, you ask for a bookshop owner to send you the required book, and the owner will ask you for your address to deliver your stuff. 

So, it is evident from the example mentioned above that the IP address is crucial for everyone on the internet. Because without this IP address, no one can conduct business, and even you can’t get the search results when your browsers do not know from where you are searching. 

How can I find whats my IP? 

Sometimes, you are away from home and want to transfer your file. It could be possible by using the exact IP address by Preplained tool. You can use many tactics to get your IP address instantly. Please dig a little deeper and check them. 

  • Many online techniques and tools assist you in figuring out your problem by helping you to find your public IP address. Besides the address, the device displays many other results, such as local IP addresses and web browsers.
  • The other way to find your IP address is through a router. The router has your device IP. So, when you log in to your router, you can find your IP address and other relevant information. 
  • Next to them, you can utilize the command prompt to find the address of your device. 


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