What’s the best way to defeat a Handyman in Bioshock Infinite?

In Bioshock Infinite, Handyman stars as a bouncer, primarily protecting Columbia from attacks and threats from others outside the city. In this play, the handyman is also one of the many villains that prevent Booker from entering Columbia City. Speaking of his powers, Handyman is a really strong villain who does a lot of damage to Booker and can even beat him to death.

However, while this big fat enemy with two big hands has great power, in Bioshock Infinite, also from a massive gun and telekinesis power, if you can combine all of Booker’s powers and do its use is improved by Proven to be able to defeat the Businessman. Skyline to avoid whenever the handyman starts attacking you.

In this article, there are some facts you need to know about Handyman. And if you are having trouble facing handyman Chicago, here is how to defeat Handyman and the best way to fight him in this game.

Who is Handyman and what is his role at Columbia?

First, you need to know who the craftsman really is. In this new installment of Bioshock Infinite, the Handyman is told that he is a very large man with an entire body of steel. So in his overall appearance you can see that Handyman is like a giant robot. There are two parts that make a human being : head and heart.

In fact, these two parts are the only real human parts found on Handyman’s body. So it’s nice to know that despite his robotic appearance, he can think like a human and has normal human senses…but again, Though these two human aspects make him normal the Handmaiden is still a dangerous villain, programmed Comstock to stop and kill Booker whenever he meets him in battle. I’m here.

Bioshock Unlimited Handyman Appearance

A handyman has two very large hands. These two doll-like hands can do a lot of damage to your lab every time your jab hits Booker in the face. Given that the Handyman has a massive body and is made of steel, this isn’t all that surprising. No wonder he uses such great power.

The business makes its first appearance when Booker enters the Floating City of Columbia, as shown in this new Bioshock game. In that part of the show, you can see how the artisan is presented in front of Colombians on stage. It’s like a “freak show” stage where weird people gather in one place to show off their weird stuff. to the people.

The good news is that at that point, Booker, whom the Colombian public doesn’t recognize as a “false shepherd,” doesn’t yet have to face Handyman in direct combat. Or bad news comes when Booker has to actually meet Handyman after a real fight after learning Anna DeWitt’s initials.

What is Business in Colombia?

In Bioshock Infinite, Comstock tasks the Handyman with protecting Colombia and its people from the attacks and threats of the Vow Popular, a group of people opposed to the “Founders”, the Colombian ruling group led by Comstock . Transforming Colombia into a better new place where all people, including blacks and Irish, are treated equally, without discrimination based on race or ethnicity.

In addition to defending Colombia from Vow Populist attacks, Handyman also becomes one of Booker’s enemies, a major boss to say the least. Comstock also tasked Handyman with keeping Booker away from Columbia and, more importantly, from Elizabeth.

What are the main strengths of Handyman?

Handyman’s greatest strength in this game is his ability to take down enemies with his two massive hands. That’s why you have to keep a distance as a clerk whenever you fight a handyman in combat. Because if the Handyman manages to throw a jab at Booker’s face, his massive hands can usually do a lot of damage to your body. health care document.

dog walking Chicago  other strength is the ability to tear down the Skyline and power this truck. Yes, Skyline is a blur in the Colombian sky. The Skyline is primarily used for carrying luggage, but those with grappling hooks, including Bookers, can also use the Skyline to travel quickly from one place to another without having to walk.

However, when faced with this big bad guy, you will need to be very careful when jumping into the air. Because if Handyman turns Skyline into an electric truck, he could die from shock.

How to defeat Handyman?

There are many ways to win the Customer. The most obvious way is definitely to use big guns like rifles and other heavy weapons.


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