When And Where To Wear Pakistani Clothing For A Traditional Look?

When And Where To Wear Pakistani Clothing For A Traditional Look?
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Last updated on February 2nd, 2023 at 03:21 pm

Pakistani apparels are famous worldwide due to the unique styles and exterior design of Gotta, Zuree, Naqshi, or Dabka. Even foreign women love to wear Pakistani attire on their big days. The credit for this devotion from the globe goes to the brilliant Pakistani designers who give a natural look to their imaginations. Unfortunately, some people need to know when to wear Pakistani outlets for a traditional look. In this article, you will read when and where you must wear conventional Pakistani clothes.

Pakistani traditional dresses

Before moving toward traditional occasions, you must know the conventional Pakistani dressing. Pakistani clothing is shalwar kameez for men and shalwar kameez with a dupatta for women. Wearing these clothes make you look traditional. However, some other styles have replaced the simple shalwar kameez. Ancient Pakistani women also wore bangles, bindies, heavy necklaces, earrings, and rings to look more conventional. You can choose them too to give yourself a classic look.

Occasions to look traditional in Pakistani dresses

In old times, people wore simple Pakistani clothes everywhere. Today the dressing has become fixed according to the nature of the event. Let’s discuss suitable festivals to give yourself a graceful look.

· Independence day

The most memorable day to promote your culture is Independence Day. Men, women, and kids should wear traditional clothes on this day. People have begun celebrating this day in green or white shalwar kameez for some last years. It is a good practice to show your love for your country, but the celebrations should be within limits.

· Wedding ceremonies

Everyone waits for a big day to start his new life as a couple. It is a precious day to look traditional in stunning dresses. In Pakistani tradition, the bride and groom wear kurta pajamas in green, yellow, or orange at the Mehndi festival. Some girls wear lehnga or gharara at this function. Similarly, the bride wears a red dress, and the groom wears a sherwani on the Barat. On Walima, both partners prefer something in a light color.

· Eid festivals

Our great leader founded Pakistan for the Muslim community, and Eid is a beloved festival to celebrate in Muslim society. It is one of the most important days to celebrate with the traditional look. Therefore, on Eid, Pakistani men wear shalwar kameez to offer prayer and mostly spend the first day of Eid in the same dress. However, women have different choices, including shalwar kameez, angrakha, frocks, sharara, gharara, or peplum.

Order Pakistani garments online

Suppose the outer situations demand you stay in your home or you want to celebrate your precious days in another country; you can order traditional Pakistani clothes online. The best online platform to buy traditional Pakistani clothes is Studio by TCS. It is an online clothing mart where you can visit all the Pakistani brands on a single page. The quality of their articles is fabulous. They deliver the items to the exact doorstep within two working days. Studio by TCS also offers a return policy you can use in the case of any sub-standard item.

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