When is an eb-5 visa issued? Know the application process

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The eb-5 visa is only known for much less than 1% of the annual visas issued through the U.S. It happens once a year. Only 10 thousand visas are issued through this process of investing in a business to generate the required jobs. There is a whole lot of screening which the investors are scheduled to go through. Be it checking for their background or ancient records of court cases, the protection of the country from the investment is duly checked. 

The investor needs to prove that the essential conditions for an eb-5 visa are met. The investment should be made from white money. The stakeholders should also be able to prove the generation of 10 full-time jobs. 

The traders of this visa ought to be capable of displaying a lawful supply and route of the price range to be funded in any project. This includes a layer of protection that isn’t always required by every other class of visa petitioners. 

What’s the process?

Once an individual has got  the funding settled, the following procedure for making use of such a visa is to be made:

The individual needs to start by filling out the form. Form I-526 is the desired form which needs to be filled in. This can be availed online through the website of USCIS. The investor needs to duly check for any recent modifications and updates to the requirements. All the official information will be available on the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. 

Then the data is sent to the National Visa Center after verification by the officials at USCIS. They check for the funding and the process of investment. The investment money should be acquired legally. The project where it is invested should generate 10 full-time jobs for the residents of the United States. 

Then the visa centre scans the documents and provides the necessary conditions to be met before getting them submitted. They will also tell the individual about the payment procedure to be followed. 

The Immigrant Visa is then provided. After this, the investor is scheduled for an interview with the officials at the Embassy of the United States. 

The success of the procedure calls for the issuance of an Immigrant Investors visa by the United States. 

If the individual is staying in the United States, then the form has to be filled in for an  eb-5 visa change. The individual then needs to document an adjustment of status, which is Form I-485. This is to be submitted to the USCIS in preference to making use of at the US Embassy.

Wahid Hussain

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