When the Battery on Your Dyson V6 Keeps Stopping and Starting

Table of Contents

1. Brush Head

The brush head on your v6 is a little different to the brush heads on most other toothbrushes. Instead of having bristles around the entire brush, it has a crisscross design with longer outer clusters that help to scrape away plaque and shorter middle bristles that focus on cleaning right in the spot you are trying to reach. This is a great head for people who have teeth that are difficult to clean and gums that need a bit of extra attention to get rid of built up plaque. It is also great for getting a natural whiter smile and does a fantastic job of removing staining from the teeth.

The Oral-B CrossAction brush head is currently included with most of their electric toothbrushes and is a popular choice among patients. It is a round, rubber cup-shaped head that adapts to the contours of each tooth surface for an effective clean. It comes with indicator(tm) bristles that signal when it is time to replace your brush head for optimal cleaning and hygiene.

3. Battery

When the battery on your dyson v6 keeps stopping and starting, it’s probably time to get some new batteries. This issue isn’t unique to the Dyson v6, as it can happen to any battery that uses a battery management IC like the ISL94208 used in most Dyson battery packs. According to EEVBlog, Dyson has been known to intentionally engineer the cell balancing routine of its battery controller to fail prematurely, making it a lot more difficult for the battery pack to be charged. However, some EEVBlog users have been able to restore their faulty battery packs by installing a hack that enables the IC to perform its cell balancing function again. This is a simple and inexpensive solution to a serious problem, so don’t wait!


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