When to Use Meetings vs. Webinars

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While technology has interfered with every corner of the workplace, and the reach of the internet has increased, companies and businesses need to understand the need for digital marketing and online communication. Digital communication can transform your business and enhance conversions. Online communication eliminates the wastage of time and expenditures that generally happens when we travel to attend face to face meetings or seminars. Online communication also enables better employee engagement. 

Online meetings and webinars are the two most prominent ways of digital communication. The world has already begun towards digitalization, so you should also embrace Online meeting tools for the transformation of your business. 

Perhaps, if you are new to this digital world and are confused between online meetings and webinars, then this blog can help you. In this blog, we will tell you when to host an online meeting versus when to host a webinar. So, let us directly dive into the blog.

Online Meeting:

Online meetings are a great way to connect with individuals irrespective of the location. Virtual meetings let attendees meet and participate in a meeting from a remote location. Today with the geographical distribution of the majority of companies, employees are also geographically distributed or located. 

So to bring all teams together in one place and discuss the business and the strategies, using Virtual meeting technology companies host online meetings. 

Often companies get in touch with their employees and share information using audio and video tools of online meeting software.  

Advantages of Online Meeting:

  • Regardless of a particular venue, online meetings enable the employees to join meetings from their desired location from any internet-enabled device like desktops, laptops, MacBooks, and mobile phones. Infect, you can join online meetings when you are on the move. In layman’s language, meeting with colleagues and clients can be done from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Online meetings save traveling time, and this saved time can be used substantially. As for attending the meeting, you don’t need to travel anywhere, resulting in saving money. Along with this, the online meeting also reduces all the other expenditures that happen in conducting a meeting or conference.
  •  The best thing about online meetings is that the attendees can be anyone from all over the world. The online meetings let participants join from any part of the globe, it brings diversity to the organization and also facilitates the feeling of inclusivity within the company. 


Webinars are online seminars or, in layman’s language, we can understand a webinar as an online event where a speaker or presenter delivers informative knowledge to his audience using PowerPoint presentations. Nowadays, webinars have become an integral part of the marketing strategy of majorities of companies. For marketing products and services, demos, training, and sales companies generally conduct webinars. 

Advantages of the webinar:

  • Webinars are the best way to showcase your knowledge and expertise about your product and services, also Webinars provide you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a most personalized manner. You can instantly answer the queries and doubts of the audience and let them know that you have substantial knowledge.
  • Along with this you can also ask questions and can get feedback in real-time. 

            Webinars allow you to build a strong relationship with your audience and  

           create brand awareness. Via webinars you are connected to a larger group of                 attendees  and potential targeted audience, resulting in the easy and quick     promotion of your brand.

  • Using webinars, you can understand what your audience thinks about your product. And what motivates your audience? What are their needs? This information will help you in making a better understanding of your products and services. 

          Differences between a webinar and online meetings:

  • Generally business conducts online meetings to connect with their remote team, and for a small team whose members are not physically available at the scheduled time. Whereas, we use webinars for the marketing of products, educating the audience, and sharing informative knowledge with a large audience. 
  • In an online meeting, all the attendees actively participate in the discussions. Attendees can talk and share their ideas and valuable information with their fellow attendees. Whereas webinars are generally one-way interactions. Speakers or presenter addresses and attendees often are in listen mode and occasionally participate in the discussions. Attendees use chats, polls, and Q&As to interact with the speakers and presenters.

When to host an Online Meeting?

Online meetings are the best for the team whose members are globally located or for a remote team.  

If you have a globally distributed team, then you can host an online meeting, as an online meeting lets you connect more often with your remote employees. 

You can make updates, share valuable information and keep in touch with your employees using online meetings no matter where they are located. Moreover, you can use Online meeting platforms for corporates also. 

When to host a Webinar?

Webinars are the best tool to share information with a mass audience. 

If you want to showcase your new launch, show demos of your products, and share valuable educational information about any relevant topic, then webinars can be a great medium to reach the targeted audience. If you need to build authority or expertise in any topic, you can host a webinar and share relevant information about that topic with specific or targeted attendees. 

If you want to collaborate with a small group, connect with them in a more personalized manner, and enable your attendees to participate in the discussion. Rather than only listening to the content, then you should conduct an online meeting. 

On the other hand, if you want to connect and share information with a large group. Or you want to create brand awareness. Moreover, if you are looking to market your product and services, then webinars are the best option for you.

So while deciding between hosting a webinar and an online webinar, you should always focus on your goals and purpose. Along with this, you should select the right online platform for hosting webinars or online meetings.


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