Where can I get a gas appliance safety certificate in 2023?

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Home Rescue is able to provide landlords and homeowners located anywhere in the United Kingdom with a gas safety check as well as a landlord’s gas safety certificate. This service is available to landlords regardless of whether the property is rented or owned. Anyone who resides in the United Kingdom can take advantage of this service. Homeowners and landlords alike can take advantage of these services, as they are offered to both homeownership and rental properties. We are able to provide pricing that is not only substantially cheaper than what is provided by sole proprietors, but it is also significantly lower than what is provided by firms who are in direct rivalry with us. In addition, we will make certain that the CP12 certificate is acquired at the appropriate time and that the gas safety checks are carried out in their entirety while adhering to each and every one of the prerequisites.

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Gas Safety:

Any Gas Safe engineer who satisfies the conditions Gas Safety set forth for doing so and who possesses the necessary competences may also issue Certificates. This is provided that the engineer possesses the necessary qualifications. Utilizing the Find an Engineer feature that is offered by the Gas Safe Register will allow you to locate an engineer in your area who is capable of providing CP12s. Simply typing in your postcode into the search box will allow you to see a list of all of the local engineers who are located at a distance that is considered to be reasonable from either your place of home or your place of business.

If you need a gas safety certificate for a caravan, a boat, or anything else that is out of the ordinary, then you can perform a “advanced search” and seek for what you need under the term “areas of work.” If you are unable to find what you need, then you will need to contact the company directly. In the event that you are unable to find the information that you require, you should make direct contact with the organization.


After you have located a gas engineer, giving them a call will enable you to acquire an estimate from them and verify that they are qualified to legally carry out the work that needs to be done. You should also make it a point to read customer reviews online to determine whether or not the company you choose is reliable and whether or not it is managed by educated industry specialists. Even though an engineer has the Gas Safe certification, this does not guarantee that they will give a level of customer service that is on par with the standard you would anticipate receiving from someone of their expertise.

However, rather than relying just on a single estimate, give us a call at the following number:

To find out more information about the support that we are able to supply. If you could please supply us with the particulars of the engineer’s recommendation, we will evaluate them and assess whether or not we can improve upon them.

After speaking with us, you may come to the conclusion that a landlord emergency insurance plan is particularly well-suited to fulfill your requirements. This may be the case if you come to this conclusion after having a conversation with us. If you do arrive at this decision, then this might be the outcome. We are able to cater to any and all urgent requirements that your renters may have on a monthly basis for a rate that is pretty reasonable, and we are able to do so for every single one of them. Read more

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