Where does a professional graphic designer look for new clients?

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Even the most experienced experts may find it difficult to get fresh professional graphic design services. The phrase “too much information” is used to describe how much information there is on the internet.

There are several techniques to improve your chances of landing more freelancing clients, ranging from how you submit proposals to important relationship-building strategies.

Strategies to get more clients for Graphic Designing

Identify the Audience

Before you begin pursuing clients, you must first determine your target demographic. I’m sure you’ll tell me it is, but it isn’t. I understand. I used to believe the same thing. If you can design for this company, you can design for any company.

Show the Work

Your work should be shown on your website and on your LinkedIn page. You might also think about portfolio websites. As a result, you must share your efforts through at least monthly emails or social media postings.

Create Content

It exhibits your knowledge and competence. Most potential clients are unaware of your expertise. They may learn a lot from your material, but they can also tell how knowledgeable you are about the issue by what you write. It also assists potential clients in realizing they have a problem.

Optimize your Content

Before you publish your content, you can use a service like Uber Suggest to optimize it for keywords so that potential clients may discover it when they search.

Schedule Content

You may reuse the information in other places, such as inserting the opening paragraph of a blog post into an email, which takes people to the rest of the piece on the website.

You may use LinkedIn to publish your blog post as an article. You may share a brief sample from a video on social media.

How to Get Clients?

Know your Value

What distinguishes you from the competition is the value you provide to potential clients. You’ll have a greater chance of landing more freelancing clients if you can properly articulate the value you offer.

Consider your worth and then determine how to express it most clearly. This might be done by providing accolades in your design portfolio, including particular results from previous projects, or utilizing your experience in presentations and proposals.


If you have satisfied customers, ask for references or recommendations. Inform them that you are always willing to chat to prospective prospects and cherish their referrals.

You may even put a formal referral or associate program, depending on the services you provide.

Work on your portfolio

A graphic design portfolio is among your most significant assets when it comes to attracting new clients.

Make sure to highlight your greatest work and take the time to discuss each project. Discuss your position in the project, the design challenge, and how you handled it.

Use Social Media

Clients will be more likely to collaborate with you if they have social evidence in the form of testimonials. Showcase comments boldly on your page or in your portfolio. Also, promote them on social media.

Request comments and testimonials from previous clients on work you’ve accomplished for them. On platforms like LinkedIn, you can also request recommendations and endorsements. Prospective clients are reassured that you have the skills you claim when they see that you have worked effectively with other businesses.

Platforms to get clients for Graphic Designing

Here are some platforms where graphic designers search engine optimization experts can get clients.

Upwork: Upwork, long favored by the freelancing community, provides its members with a location to discover additional clients to help fuel small businesses.

People per Hour: It promises to let its customers “start small, move fast and develop big” with its profile and proposal search. The Workstream tool allows you to keep all of your Job History in one location.

OnSite.io: It bills itself as a marketplace for quality, vetted freelancers, with no intermediary and no commission. Users are connected with tasks that are appropriate to their talents through a marketplace of freelancing possibilities.

YunoJuno: Promoted as “the future of work”, YunoJuno is an exclusive site that links clients to the “best freelancers in town”. The website’s hassle-free approach is primarily intended to lure “elite” designers.

Elance: Elance, which will soon be a member of the Upwork family, is a network for creative freelancers searching for employment. It is not uncommon for a company to join with a freelancer to create a new product or service.

Freelancer: Seeking to connect small companies with freelance designers, Freelancer is one of the web’s leading outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplaces.


You may feel safe with a constant stream of employment, but by keeping tabs on possible new clients, you can protect yourself and never miss an opportunity.


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