Where has the Christmas tree vanished to in NBA 2K22?

Where has the Christmas tree vanished to in NBA 2K22?
Where has the Christmas tree vanished to in NBA 2K22?
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Where has the Christmas tree vanished to in NBA 2K22?


The MyCareer Christmas Tree from NBA 2K22 is now available on all current and future platforms, and it will be available in the future as well.

All of the locales listed below in NBA 2K22 MyCareer on current-generation and next-generation platforms will have Christmas trees decorating them.


Basketball in NBA 2K22: There will be no Christmas tree in the near or far future, according to the game’s developers. The most significant Christmas bonus is returning in the most current editions of NBA 2K.


The final day to check your MyPlayer park to see what presents you have won in-game is today, November 30th! A short stroll from the Western Wildcats City Hall will take you to the Cancha Del Mar, MyTeam, and the Next Gen City, among other attractions,NBA 2K22 MT will be useful to game performance.


If you are unable to wait for the next event, there are still opportunities to win additional items.

Everything from 500 to 250k virtual coins (VCC) to Christmas-themed apparel, as well as an unlimited number of bonuses and awards, are available for purchase.


The following three Christmas Day locker codes for NBA 2K22 have been made available by 2K Sports as of the time of this writing:

The Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks game on New Year’s Eve will include two MyTeam players as well as Gatorade upgrades for fans to enjoy.

An additional bonus feature in the HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS EDITION of NBA2K17 is the inclusion of a holiday player panel and a festive skateboard.

The sport of basketball celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Diamonds in a Rose-Colored Shade The MyTeam Option Pack includes players like as Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Jason Kidd, and Nate Thurmond, among others.

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