Which air rechargeable pump or inflator to choose?

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Hand holding gas pump and power connector for refuel.

Who says inflatable product, says air pump. But do you know the different pumps on the market? We explain the use of pumps and the selection criteria according to your needs. 

The foot pump

It is an effort pump that, as its name suggests, is used by pressing with the foot. This type of pump is sometimes easier to use than a hand rechargeable pump and therefore also faster. The effort being concentrated in the legs, it is easier to maintain good endurance for somewhat bulky objects such as large “animal” buoys or inflatable boats. At Bestway, we offer these pumps with our Air Step ™ range; an economical and efficient choice for inflations that will be done where you will not have an electrical source, but beware: our spas and SUP paddles have their own pump specific to the product, we remove them from this list!

The hand pump

Here it’s up to your arms to make the effort to inflate your product! Based on the same principle as the foot pump, the hand pump also makes it possible to inflate and deflate products easily. To select the inflation or deflation function, simply connect the hose to the valve corresponding to the chosen function. The deflation function is particularly practical for storing your mattresses when you go camping, for example: you can empty your mind and save a lot of space. 

The electric pump

The simplest of all pumps, no physical effort on your part except to plug in the pump. Useful for inflating products when you are near an electrical outlet, such as inflatable mattresses, inflatable children’s games or inflatable chairs. Powered in several ways (electric, cigarette lighter or USB socket) this type of pump allows rapid inflation in just a few seconds! The electric pumps all have inflation and deflation functions. A little extra: even if you’re on the move without access to an electrical outlet, you can still inflate your products with the USB rechargeable travel pump. By its small size, it is easy to transport and can be recharged directly with a USB socket that you will have on you. Plus, it has an inflate/deflate function… what more could you ask for?

Selection criteria

There is no technical criterion for choosing the right pump for the right inflatable product. It all depends on your availability: as said before, if you have the possibility of connecting your inflator, do not hesitate to choose the facility by opting for an electric inflator. On the other hand, if you find yourself in the middle of the forest in wild camping or at the beach, it is better to choose a manual pump (on foot or by hand). It’s just a matter of practicality!

Important: all pumps are delivered with 3 different nozzles in order to best adapt to your product.

Which pump for which product?

Watch out for some products though! Spas and SUP paddles do not inflate with just any inflator. These products require a specific pressure for safety reasons, this is why these products are delivered with a suitable inflator which can measure the air pressure and maintain your product at the correct pressure throughout its use.

Also be aware that some Bestway inflatable beds include an integrated pump (electric or invisible foot) ! Even easier to inflate and deflate your product: just plug it into an electrical outlet and let the magic of the mattress work.

Apart from these exceptions, you are free to choose the air pump that suits you the most! Remember to check the power supply depending on where you plan to connect your inflator, but also the air flow at the outlet. 

Casey Harward

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