Which is the best tourist place? – North India or South India

north And South india
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India is incredible and full of majestic places which are popular among travellers. Many travellers get confused when it comes to thinking about the first place to visit- North India or South India. It is hard to decide what is best in north India or south India. There are many amazing tourist places in north India, and at the same time, there are many places to visit in south India too.

Both north and south India are incredibly beautiful to explore. However, both are very different in terms of climate and culture. Dive deep further to understand the differences between both the places and then decide where to go first.

In North India, explore the golden triangle and at the same time experience nature with lush green forests and beautiful sandy beaches in south India. 

North India vs. South India

North and south India are enriched with different customs and cultures. Both have different experiences when it comes to meeting people and seeing the places and cuisine. North has both kinds of blends in tourist places, snow-covered mountains and many beautiful rivers are the amazing places one should visit.

However, in the South, lush green valleys and roaring seas give the feel of relaxation & peace. Experience the fantastic food made with completely organic products or enjoy the native or regional festivals. South India is enriched with customs and cultural diversity. Even people love to protect their ancestor’s heritage and customs, making South India more culturally rich. There are many places to visit in south India. 

Overview North Vs. South

There are some factors based on that we can understand everything about both north & south India.

  • Weather

In North India, weather is changeable throughout the year, and different places have different temperatures. For example, In June, many cities have temperatures between 35-48 degrees; on the other hand, in hills, it will be between -5 to 15 degrees.

In the South, the weather is the same throughout the year; it stays humid, warm, and rainy.

  • Languages

Major languages in northern India are Hindi & Punjabi, though there are some local languages too. People speak Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada in the South. In the South, many people speak good English too.

  • Environment

In northern India, there are many cultures, and the majority of cities are populated. Though on the hills, you might not get the crowd and will experience the calmness.

However, in South India, you will get complete peace as cities are less crowded and people there are still protecting nature by avoiding commercialization. 

Best tourist places in North India

North India is a blend of the snow-covered Himalayas and historical places in plain areas. This part of India is enriched with many amazing breath-taking tourist places like Lahaul Spiti, Manali, Leh- Ladakh. Here are some best places one should visit while exploring north India.

  • The Himalayas

Mighty Himalaya does not need any introduction, and this beautiful mountain series gives you a soulful experience. You can see this range of mountains from many different parts of north India like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Ladakh.

  • Rivers

Rivers like Ganga, Ravi, and Sutlej are the major rivers in north India. If you love such places, there are many tourist places in north India where you can enjoy vacations on the riverbank.

  • The Deserts

In Rajasthan, you will get to experience the deserts, which is altogether a different experience. Here you will also get the feel of many regional activities.

Best tourist places in south India

Be with nature and close to local culture in south India. There are many good places to visit in South India. The beaches of Kerela and the temples of Chennai and Rameswaram are good examples of the same.

  • Beaches

South India is blessed with many coastal regions, among which Goa and Kerela are famous for golden sandy beaches.

  • Tea Estates

Tea estates are the major highlights of south India. Garden of coffee and local spices also give a unique experience to the tourists. Munnar, Ooty, and Alleppey are the best places to visit if you are a nature lover

  • Temples

If you are a devotee, then south India has many mesmerizing temples to visit. Madurai and Rameswaram are among the most visited temples in south India.

Choose your destination as per your needs and taste. There are many beautiful tourist places to visit in north India, and the list is endless for the places to visit in south India. 

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