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You may have heard the term ‘white glove housecleaning service’ before while shopping around for a professional housekeeper to come and clean the interior of your home. But what does this industry term mean, and what exactly does it include?

Well, the term ‘white glove’ is pretty basic, and if you find a company offering this specific cleaning service you’re in good hands. It implies that you should be able to run your fingers across any surface they’ve cleaned with a white glove without seeing a single spot of dirt or left over cleaning substance on the material. This is pretty impressive because we all know that cleaning our homes to this degree is not an easy feat!

White Glove Housecleaning Services Typically Include:

Dusting throughout the house

Sweeping and dusting of all floors

Mopping and sanitizing of all kitchen and bathroom floors

Vacuuming of all carpets, rugs, fabric chairs and sofas

Wiping down of all baseboards and countertops

Polishing of all tables and cabinets

Thorough cleaning of small appliances, lamps, mirrors, blinds and walls

Scrubbing and sanitizing of all sinks

Thorough cleaning of outside of refrigerator

Emptying of trash cans

We’ve assembled six tips for assembling customers quickly, because it can be hard getting new clients.

1) Look to your current customers for new customers. Although it may not be the most comfortable thing to do, ask your current customers to provide you with a referral. Tell them you are looking to take on a large number of new clients to expand your business and ask them if they would share that information with their friends and family housekeeping. Although you might not get an overwhelming response from this step alone, people who are referred by friends are more likely to continue to be customers and are more likely to be happy with your services than others. If you’ve been doing a good job then your current clients should have no problem providing a positive review to their friends.

2) Look just beyond your existing clients. When you’re done with a cleaning job, ask about potential opportunities nearby. If you clean a home, knock on the neighbors door and explain that you have just finished cleaning the home next door and that you are looking for new clients. Be sure to use first and last names if you decide to take this approach as the fact that “Bob uses me to clean his house” makes it more likely that you will be able to make a positive impression.

3) Offer samples and other free goodies to appeal to new customers. Many companies offer free or deeply discounted offers to use their service because they are sure that once you try their service you’ll be hooked. Always make sure to offer a new customers 100% money back guarantee if they aren’t happy.

While offering free services doesn’t provide an immediate payment, it can net you some new clients. Although you might think that free only benefits the customer, you have to look beyond the short term sacrifice when you first start out. Some organizations including local PTA chapters are always asking businesses for donations to be auctioned at a fundraiser. If you can offer a free housecleaning in exchange for allowing you to pass around some flyers you can quickly get some business.

Adil Husnain

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