Why a Free Learning Management System Might Not Be the Best Option

Learning Management System
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You might have heard about the Learning Management System in Pakistan. This refers to LMS which is a software application that can be used to organize, execute and overlook learning processes in organizations and educational institutes. This web-based technology is also adopted by large firms where they need to have coordination between their employees and the higher staff.

Learning Management System always helps further eLearning practices and comprises two things. There is a server that is behind the base functionality and a user interface which is controlled by the likes of teachers, students and other higher staff like administrators.

Going For Free

There’s been talk about LMS software in Pakistan since a while and many people believe they can make do with the free version. However, here is the problem, if you truly want the best LMS software services then they will not be free. Good tech services be it software installation or creation can seldom be free. However, why do people still opt for free LMS platforms then? Let’s find out the pros and cons.

Less Risk

One of the major reasons that come to mind is that people refrain from getting paid in the Learning Management System in Pakistan because they are afraid of the monetary risk that comes with it. Hence, they think the free interface is the answer to their problems. That’s a lie and will always be one. 

Other people opt for Learning Management System through free spaces because LMS is also good for niche businesses. The software has community-driven add-ons and customizations which help people expand their business.  

You Are Giving Up More

Here’s something the free platforms won’t tell you when it comes to LMS software in Pakistan, you give up more than what you gain. When you give your time and attention to an open source or in other words a free LMS, you will have to be responsible for the integration and maintenance yourself. There will be no team at your beck and call and nobody will help you in the implementation also. It can be daunting to shift everything online to a software, in a free LMS, you have to go through that alone.

This way precious time is lost in handling the software rather than using it. Let’s consider you use the online resources to have it integrated and set-up— there will be more problems, more time lost and more money spent in bringing people in from the outside to help you solve it. If it ever goes wrong, and it goes wrong a lot, you are losing on a lot more. 

How It Can Go Wrong

There are several ways issues can come. For example, it can stop running smoothly. Besides that, it can create a negative user experience. Scratch that, the worst part is that important information can be lost if the site is taken down. Passwords have to be reset, site can go out of use and the load time can be intense. 

The Risks Of Using Free Software

Some might still be tempted to go for using a free learning management system in Pakistan and we want you to make an informed decision. Consider the risks you will be bearing at a very basic level: 

Browser Changing

The free software LMS platforms adjust to changes very slowly. This means if your site of access like Google has some changes, your LMS can crash. There will be nobody to help you in those dark times while those who are dependent on the platform will complain about inaccessibility. However, this isn’t one of the biggest risks out there as most platforms adjust after a while. But if your site of access is constantly changing then you are in for trouble. 

No Back-up Help

When you go to software houses to help you, you sign a service agreement contract. This means, whenever they are needed for help, they will come and provide it. However, when we’re talking of a free LMS platform, forget the backup and support of help. There is no guarantee the providers of the site will be helping you out in your times of need. It could create a huge problem in your operations and might also create bad reputation. 

Who Will You Hold Accountable?

Another huge issue is that you can not hold anyone accountable. When you have a free LMS software, it can go faulty at any time and your users will face obstruction in their tasks. You provide LMS software to them so they can complete their tasks without any worry or problem and if you restrict their capabilities all the time due to the problems, you will lose your staff and students. 

Let’s Compare The Two

Comparing them side by side will also help. The thing is, employees need constantly available, easily accessible from everywhere and super simple to navigate LMS platform. You do not want the tool to be a kind of thing that counterproductively distracts the users or make them want to use traditional methods of learning.

Here’s how they differ in two important areas:

The User Design Is Different

The free LMS platforms rarely have easy-to-use user designs. They leave a lot that is desired by the people who use them. Free LMS platforms are not the same as integrated, and purpose-built LMS tools that are made by those who have years of experience in the user area as well as the creator area. The intentional design lacks for user of free platforms. It slows down learning!

Learner’s Interest

Those organizations or institutions that opt for LMS platforms do so because they want to create ease and convenience. So what does it say about the said places if they are using a free platform? The employees or students will still be paying their fees and paying for your services but what they get will be subpar. In that case, you’re damaging your future. People develop interest and also retain it depending on their experience.

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