Why are so many Indians migrating to Australia?

Australia is becoming more and more diverse, and census data show a country whose demographics are changing. In fact, more than 50% of Australian residents were born in another country or have at least one immigrant parent. This is happening because Australia offers a lot compared to other countries. Indians are migrating to Australia for better work, living areas, health services, climate, and also political factors. The visa process is also smooth as these Indians visit the best immigration consultants in India for their visa and then they migrate to Australia very smoothly.

According to data released in June 2022, migrants from India are now the leading migrant group, surpassing those from the UK and New Zealand for the first time. It also shows that the number of Australians who identify as Christian has fallen below half for the first time, while the number of Hindus in the country has increased by 55%.

Why is it popular to migrate from India to Australia?

Every person has their own reasons for starting a whole new life on a foreign shore, but there are a number of reasons why Australia is so popular.

People from all over the world visit and settle in Australia for its climate, culture, impressive economic infrastructure, and unique wildlife and environment. India and Australia also share similarities as the two largest democracies in the Asia-Pacific region, with a free press and an independent judicial system.

Some of the many other reasons why Australia is particularly attractive to Indians are:

•           Languages – Many people in India are highly educated or fluent in English, making these English-speaking countries an attractive option for those planning to emigrate abroad.

•           Outstanding Universities – Many people from India come to study in Australia because of its reputation for quality education. An attractive scholarship program sweetens the deal.

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed the student experience, but campuses around the world are slowly but surely starting to recover in 2022. Over 28,000 Indian citizens have applied for student visas since the Australian government announced it would reopen to international students at the end of November 2021 and by 18 March 2022.

•           Multiculturalism – Australia is a melting pot of many cultures, from Melbourne’s thriving French community and abundant British residents to the growing number of people now identified as Aborigines. More than 27% of her in the Australian population was foreign-born, according to June 2022 census data. One of the greatest implications of this diversity, combined with the ready availability of a wide range of fresh produce, is the love of international cuisine shared by most Australians. Indian cuisine is one of the most popular and well-known cuisines, but people across cultures can enjoy almost any type of cuisine, whether in a restaurant or at home.

•           Strong national ties – Indian immigration to Australia is increasing in parallel with increasing Australian investment in India’s diplomatic resources. In recent years, India has become Australia’s seventh-largest trading partner, and security cooperation between the two countries has become closer.

Moving from India to Australia

Of course, in most cases, traveling from India to Australia isn’t as easy as simply taking off into the Australian sunset. Also, like many other countries, Australia operates a points system for immigration. Students need a student visa, but there are several scholarship programs that can help. The best immigration consultant in Delhi, if you are living in the city, will help you to overcome all obstacles regarding visa and paperwork and help you migrate smoothly.

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