Why Buy A Safe?

Protect your valuables against break-ins

There’s nothing better than a safe to keep your valuables safe from break-ins.

An ultra-resistant and secure device that will allow you to store not only your cash, but also your jewelry, precious documents, laptop or even your firearm.

This can only be opened with a key and/or by combination or secret code. Since you are the only one with access, you can have peace of mind whether you are at home or not.

Protect your valuables from fire

The function of a safe is not only to store and secure our belongings against possible break-ins. It is a device that also allows us to protect them in the event of a fire. Indeed, the majority of models, in particular so-called fireproof Safes Australia, are perfectly fire resistant. Some equipment according to the international standard NT Fire 017 such as Yale YFM/520/FG2 are even able to withstand a temperature of 927°C for 60 minutes.

The different types of safes

The built-in model         

As its name suggests, it is a model that must be walled in. It is a reliable safe that will ensure optimum security for your belongings thanks, not only to better concealment, but also to a particularly reinforced door.

As this is sealed into a solid load-bearing wall and about 10 cm of concrete on each side, it is generally installed during a new house construction.

The model to pose

It is a type of safe which is easily fixed to the floor and/or to the wall by means of pre-drilled holes on the bottom and bottom walls.

A device designed in such a way that all the walls are thick enough and all the faces have the same level of protection.

You can of course simply place it on a shelf, but it is recommended to seal it to prevent any tearing.

What is the price of a safe?

The price of a safe varies greatly from one model to ours. It depends on the characteristics, including the size, the locking system, the lock as well as the material of construction and the thickness of the walls.

You can find small quality electronic security safes for a budget of between 25 and 50 euros.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a top-of-the-range model offering high fire resistance, it is necessary to count between 300 to more than 500 euros. In short, the amount you need to prepare for the purchase of a safe therefore depends on your needs in terms of capacity and security.

How to fix your safe?

Have you just purchased a safe and you don’t know how to fix it? Do not panic! Best-Note offers you some tips for properly installing your device.

First, be aware that the binding is different depending on its model. If you have a free-standing safe, fix it directly to the floor or to a wall using the pre-holes on the bottom and at the back. You only need to use the mounting screw kit supplied with the device.

Then start by marking on the wall and/or the floor the places to be drilled and then make holes with a drill. Then put the fixing dowels in place. All you have to do is aim tightly so that the supports can resist tearing. If it is a built-in safe, it is imperative to make a large hole the size of the safe plus 15 cm more on each side in the wall.

Put a thick layer of concrete on the bottom of the hole then wait an hour before placing the safe in the center while ensuring that the door is on the side of the opening of the hole. Complete the installation by sealing the 3 sides with concrete. It should be noted that it is preferable to install this type of chest at the time of construction of the house.

Where to install your safe in the house?

A safe does not fit just anywhere. For optimal security, it is important that the location is as hidden as possible. Placing it behind the painting is not very smart, because it is very classic. It is better to choose an unlikely place so that criminals do not have to find it easily and immediately start opening it.

For example, you can hide it in the floor, under a piece of furniture, under a rug or even on the hallway wall by covering it discreetly with a tapestry. It would also be ideal to install your safe in a room that is unusual for this type of device, such as the bathroom, the toilet and why not the garage.

How to take care of your safe?

If you want a safe to last and always close and open without the slightest problem once the combination has been made or the code entered, it is essential to take care of it. Here are some usage tips.

First, always ensure that the safe is installed in a dry place. Always remember to make a duplicate key in case of loss or wear. If you have a mechanical safe, you may have a jamming problem which is often due to corrosion.

In this case, avoid tinkering with it yourself at the risk of damaging it further and contact a professional. For a digital safe, remember to change the batteries as soon as the LED indicator turns red. Finally, it is advisable to change the combination or code at least every year.


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