Why Choose Barbour When One Needs an Outdoor Jacket?

With over 100 years in making jackets and coats for country outdoors, Barbour is still recognised as the brand to go to for comfortable outdoor wear.
Here a variety of different styles of jacket will be reviewed for their suitability outdoors.


The most recognised type of Barbour jacket, the heavy, thick wax jackets that are available are ideal for most types of harsh weather in the country. The Beaufort Wax Jacket and the Classic Beaufort Jacket are both examples of this type of jacket, giving excellent warmth and are very water and wind proof. These are ideal for cold days, especially cold rainy days. Yellowstone Beth Dutton Shearling Wool Coat There are variations on this general design, some versions have hoods for rain-proof head cover, and others are sleeveless waistcoats.


These jackets come in a very large range, but are primarily aimed at keeping one warm on colder days. They are not recommended for wet or windy days, but generally they make for ideal winter jackets. They come in a wide variety of colours and shapes, from the dark green Lenwood to the pink Bosun Quilt Gilet. There are some very functional jackets here, including the Eskdale Jacket, Akenside Jacket, and the Grange Quilt.


These cover a variety of styles, but the common factor for them is they appear as more ideal for a town environment than out in the open countryside. For example, despite being an excellent rain coat, for the fact that it is waxed, and is a full length jacket, the Stockman Coat is impractical in the country. It is however highly stylish, and a thoroughly recommended jacket overall.

Other examples include the more stylish oriented collection of Steve McQueen jackets, which are quite functional, but are not as useful as many of the wax or quilted jackets. The Walpole jacket also comes under this, and the Drydale denim jacket is in essence a purely stylish and warm jacket. One would not want to get any mud near these.


There is a small range of formal jackets available that are ideal for wear during summer events such as to outdoor parties, village fetes, and a range of the more indulgent, such as horse-racing, croquet and bowls, and other quintessentially upper-class country pursuits.

The main example is a small range of two button jackets in a variety of colours. These are most certainly only ideal for hot summer days in formal attire, but they are very stylish, and highly recommended.


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