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The Evolution of Gas Stations

You can tell if a Costco Gas Station is legitimate by its sticker on the pump. In most states, the sticker has an inspection date on it. Still, there’s a risk of being ripped off at a gas station. In order to avoid this, check the screen on the pump before pumping. Some gas stations are independent and years may pass between inspections. If you don’t see a sticker, check your state’s department of consumer affairs website for information.

Postwar box stations

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After World War II, the basic form of gas stations remained the rectangular box. These were generally constructed with steel frames and concrete block walls, but many owners opted for variations on this form. In addition to adding contemporary design features, some companies decided to renovate existing stations to reflect the latest trends. Display windows were often canted at an angle, reminding people of aeronautical technology. Often, service bay doors were glazed to highlight the repair services.

While gas stations are omnipresent, they are often overlooked as a historic resource. Postwar “oblong boxes” are a great example of this design. These structures have been overlooked, but the Clark gas station is a fine example of the style. Its preservation make it eligible for the National Register. These stations are not only iconic examples of postwar gas station design, but they also have an important history related to the growth of the automobile industry.

Another important component of gas stations is the preservation of their form. The early shed stations are characterized by their distinctive shapes, and these structures can be difficult to modify. Similarly, extended rectangular structures should maintain their shape. They may be more challenging to alter than box stations. A key piece of advice for preserving gas stations is to preserve their form and use as much as possible. You can do this by consulting with historical photos and archival documents. You can also study any surviving physical evidence, including newspaper clippings and personal scrapbooks.

Gas stations with canopies are important architectural details and can be repaired or restored. Wooden canopies can be repaired using regular carpentry techniques, while glass-paned canopies can require more extensive intervention. Insufficient reinforcement of original construction may cause the canopies to deflect and eventually damage the main structure. Similarly, structural glass-covered canopies may require replacement pieces molded to match the existing materials.


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