Why Do We Use Ad Networks?

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When print publishers attempted to go online, they quickly realized they were meant to earn income and generate leads. Therefore, they looked at the significant revenue model they’d been utilizing in print advertising and attempted to recreate it online. This demand for online advertising initiated the evolution of ad networks, becoming a significant part of digital marketing.

This blog post will discuss ad networks and all their working factors in different ad genres.

What Is Ad Network?

Ad networks are a vital part of the mobile advertising ecosystem’s profitability. They provide technical and commercial success for advertisements and publications.

Advertising networks combine ad inventory from various supply sources and link with demand sources searching for ad space. Advertisers wishing to post their adverts in another app are the demand sources. Advertising networks sell ads to advertisers at significantly lower prices than a publisher’s direct sales.

Many mobile ad networks allow a wide range of categories, from banner to native ads to specialized video ads.

Today, some networks adopt a more strategic approach, favoring more exclusive arrangements at higher fees for their advertising. They choose and pre-purchase inventory from various top publishers, then resell it at premium pricing. While this arrangement may be more expensive for marketers, it ensures that their adverts are placed in prime locations.

Some ad networks provide a platform for advertisers to sign in and control their campaigns on the demand side. Others offer a managed service where account managers engage with clients and utilize their skills to ensure that drives operate well.

What Is The Purpose Of An Ad Network?

Ad networks play an essential role in driving promotional campaigns. Let’s look around some of its significant benefits in advertising, as stated below:

More Options

When publishers and advertisers decide to buy or sell through an ad network, there are diversified options to expand leads.

The auction process guarantees sellers reserve the highest paying inventory for buyers like advertisers to pay a premium price tag.

Automatically Matched With Premium Impressions

The process of seeking inventory that suits your needs as an advertiser can be unmanageable. An ad network checks impressions and packages from top publishers to guarantee that you have access to premium content.

Boost Revenues

An ad network has something for everyone. Advertisers are promised a strong ROI since the network matches them with premium products.

On the other hand, publishers may make rapid revenue through ad networks by selling their inventory as soon as they set up a webpage.

How Does An Ad Network Work?

Ad networks buy a publisher’s available inventory and offer it to advertisers as bundled impressions. Here’s the workflow of an advertising network:

  1. An ad network integrates multiple publishers to supply the needed amount of inventory to the advertisers on an auction basis.
  2. The advertiser can set up the campaign directly using an advertising network’s campaign-management UI from a third-party ad server for verification.
  3. The advertiser configures the campaign settings, and the publisher adds ad-network ad tags through a third-party server.
  4. When the ad is live, the advertiser can use campaign management UI to run several banners on the website without notifying the publisher.

What Are The Different Types Of Ad Networks?

Below are the different categories of ad networks:

  1. Premium Ad Networks: Offer inventory from famous publishers.
  2. Vertical Ad Networks: These are topic-specified networks targeting technology or industrial ad networks.
  3. Inventory-Specific Ad Networks: These focus on a specific type of inventory, targeting mobile, video, or native ads.
  4. Performance Ad Networks: These focus on generating leads, revenue share, or CPA pricing benchmarks.

What Can We Advertise Using An Ad Network?

Talking about an ad network platform then, we 7Search PPC is currently dominating in online advertising PPC services with a vast range of industries as stated below:

  1. Travel ad.
  2. Dating ad.
  3. eLearning.
  4. eCommerce.
  5. Tech Support.

Travel Ad

7Search PPC places your travel ads at the top of the search results. It’s all because of our tremendous number of high-quality visitors.

We provide travel advertisers high-quality traffic through PPC services through our ad network. This significantly impacts their reach and ROI and ultimately leads to a more substantial number of lead conversions.

You can get your travel website approved quickly. You will receive relevant advertisements based on your travel blog and timely payment with high CPC ads.

Dating Ad

7Search PPC can assist you in promoting your dating site and earning money from our alternative ads network for dating bloggers.

With our ad networking platform, you get various ad choices for targeting your dating consumers. You may launch a low-budget campaign on our ad network and easily track your return on investment (ROI).

You may receive permission for your dating website quickly. You’ll get relevant ads based on your dating site or blog and quick payment for High CPC ads. Furthermore, you can easily monitor your revenues with your dashboard.


You can promote your eLearning site as a publisher through our ad network. You’ll get an advanced and reliable campaign data analysis to boost your e-learning websites. 7Search PPC encourages advertisers to promote their blogs targeting eLearning sites.

PPC marketing benefits for your eLearning business.

  1. Minimum Spending With Maximum Results

PPC marketing demands that you only pay for clicks. You can set a fixed amount for a limited duration to promote your eLearning services. This will help you gain more targeted customers wandering for online courses to buy at a lower price.

  1. Boost Conversion Rates

Visitors who click on your ad are more tend to buy. As a result, PPC marketing may assist you in boosting your eLearning landing page conversion and click-through rates, increasing your marketing ROI.


You can promote your eCommerce chain by driving ad campaigns to earn revenues from our ad network platform. 7Search PPC benefits eCommerce sites by providing native ad services to collect targeted audiences and entice them to buy inventories.

  1. You can get various benefits from our services by driving an eCommerce ad campaign as stated below:
  2. You can raise your eCommerce site awareness between individuals and external source networks.
  3. Acknowledging your targeted customers through analytics of the campaigning activities.

Promote the excellent quality products of your eCommerce website to achieve your business goals.

Tech Support

You can promote your tech support website with our ad network as an advertiser. We provide a forum for IT firms to advertise their services. You can instantly discover your audience for your business by notifying them of your tech services. The more leads will be, the higher your income as a publisher.

We offer display ads services for campaigning IT/tech support services to expand your market presence effortlessly.


Many people pursue campaigning as their business needs. Therefore, discovering and running ad services for your business gives you better results. You can be one to offer them this opportunity through our 7Search PPC ad network. However, you would only be able to run an ad campaign with proper planning and marketing perspective.

So, all you need is a suitable advertising format for industrial niches such as above mentioned or others like healthcare, automobile, etc., to put with your ads, and your business is all set to rock.

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