Why Enclosed Car Carriers are Costly

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Both open and enclosed shipping cars are options for those who need to transport a vehicle across state lines or international borders. A common question is how much more expensive enclosed car carriers are compared to open carriers.

To get a clear idea about the high cost of enclosed car carriers, it is necessary to get an in-depth overview of closed-type auto transportation services.

Enclosed car carriers:

Auto carriers with enclosed trailers are one of a kind since your vehicle is shielded from the weather the whole time. The exterior of enclosed trailers is quite similar to that of the standard container trailers used on roads and highways.

Cars transported in an enclosed trailer may have either hard or soft sides. When the enclosed sides of a trailer are constructed of flimsy material, such as canvas or plastic, the trailer may be equipped with robust straps to keep them in place.

Enclosed auto shipping costs more:

We can’t easily answer this query due to considerations including the kind of vehicle, overall distance, attachments (such as expedited delivery), weight, and dimensions. A final quote may be decided based on several factors.

If a car has all the features mentioned above and you want separate charges for carrying it in open and enclosed containers to the same location, the cost difference will be 30-40%. If shipping a car in an enclosed container costs $1500, then an open container would be $700-$800. Demand alters the rate based on the time of year.

Why is enclosed auto transport so expensive?

Enclosed transportation is your best bet if you’re transporting an antique, classic, or exotic vehicle. Expect a higher price quotation for enclosed auto transport since it provides the highest level of protection compared to the other available options, but if you require your car to stay in beautiful condition, the money spent will be well worth it.

There are many reasons for its higher rate, some of which are here under:

  • Because covered containers are more costly to purchase and maintain, car delivery companies don’t buy many. Low accessibility increases the cost of these containers.
  • Fuel and distance impact shipment costs. Longer trips provide greater mileage, reducing fuel expenses. Enclosed trailers are less aerodynamic, making them heavier and more fuel-intensive. Idling and traffic stops may waste gasoline on short rides. Auto transport firms may base their prices on gasoline expenses, notwithstanding distance.
  • Less money will be spent on transporting a smaller, lighter car than a larger, heavier one. The car will be weighed before pickup, giving you an accurate quote for shipment.
  • The price will vary depending on the pickup and drop-off locations you provide. This is especially true for pickups and deliveries in remote areas, when the carrier may have difficulty reaching the destination. When shipping over state borders or abroad, additional expenses may be considered.
  • Additional fees may apply if the automobile is very low to the ground and cannot be driven up a ramp without damaging the paint or body. The price of transporting a vehicle will rise if specialized equipment, such as a forklift, is required to load the vehicle onto the trailer.
  • Enclosed car transport has various trailer choices. If you want to protect your historic automobile from the weather and are budget-conscious, a multi-car covered trailer may be the ideal alternative. Sharing a trailer with numerous other cars traveling in the same direction reduces costs. With additional automobiles, the carrier driver can’t undertake comprehensive checks. A professional car shipping company will ensure their drivers securely secure every vehicle and consignment.
  • Handlers of encased cars are highly trained since they handle expensive vehicles. A little mistake may bankrupt a corporation. So, enclosed-container vehicles receive greater service.
  • Open carrier trucks have a lower insurance policy despite a higher risk of damage. Their value is low. For enclosed trucks, insurance coverage is $1 million or more.
  • The closed container can hold fewer cars and vehicles. Now the truck drives the same miles, the driver puts forth the same effort, and the fuel used is the same, but the vehicle amount is less. The enclosed car transportation services raise prices to fill the gap and make a profit.

Now it is clear why the increased cost of transporting your automobile using a limited service provider is acceptable due to all the above factors.

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