Why Is Buying Clothes Online Still So Hard?

Online shopping seems like the answer to these problems, but it is still wrought with challenges, especially when buying clothes that you need to know what they look like in person. There are many benefits of buying clothes online, but the experience has yet to catch up to those benefits. People still need help buying clothes online, so buying clothes online is still hard.

Sizing is still an issue

Pakistani clothes online are still hard to buy because sizing could be more consistent. The sizes in the US are different from what they are in Pakistan, so you have to be careful when ordering. If you order a size small, it may be too big, or if you order a large, it may be too small. The easiest way to find your size is to go into a store and try on clothes until you know what size is best for you.

Returns can be a hassle

Returns are a hassle it takes time, effort and money to send something back. For example, if you order a shirt that doesn’t fit, you might have to pay for return shipping or take the time to find a box and tape it up with packing tape. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be expensive.

We don’t go to our inner child for style inspiration

It’s true buying clothes online is hard. When I asked my mom if she could buy me something new, the answer was always No, followed by why don’t you go dig through your closet and find something? If my mom had only known that we don’t go to our inner child for style inspiration, she would have said yes more often.

You might end up with something you don’t love

You open your mailbox and find a package from Stitch Fix. You rip it open to find five items of clothes carefully curated by your stylist. You try them on but need help figuring out which one to keep. The next day you still need to figure it out, so you pack them all backup and mail them back with the prepaid shipping label that came in the box. It’s frustrating because when you buy clothes offline at a store, you can try things on before buying them. But then again, when you shop for clothes offline at a store, there are many choices, and figuring out what to buy is overwhelming. And if you go shopping with friends, how do they know what kind of stuff will work for your body type or shape?

We don’t know how certain looks or colors will look on us

When shopping for clothes in a store, you can try on as many outfits as you want to make sure they look good. But when you buy clothes online, it’s hard to know if a certain style or color will work for your body type. That’s why so many people return their clothes after trying them on at home. You can avoid the risk of buying clothing that doesn’t fit by researching before making a purchase. For example, take advantage of the fit finder feature some online retailers offer. These tools let you enter your measurements and then show how different styles might look on your body type.

We don’t know our exact proportions

Online shopping has a lot of benefits, but one of the worst is that we have to guess our measurements and then hope for the best. This makes it incredibly difficult to buy clothes online because we never know if they’ll fit. Say you’re looking for some new Pakistani clothes online, but you need to decide what size to order. Well, Pakistani clothing sizes are different than Western sizing so you need to convert your measurements into centimeters first! That’s right, every country has its standard for sizing and when it comes to buying clothes online, it can be really hard because there are so many factors at play!


There are a lot of problems with clothing online in Pakistan but that does not mean there isn’t hope. We need more effective e-commerce websites and we need better payment gateways. However, if you are looking to buy Pakistani clothes online right now then the Filhaal UK is a good bet. They have international payment options and free shipping and they also ship worldwide which means they accept Pakistani Rupees.

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