Why is giving important

giving important
giving important
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Giving can be tricky to discuss, but it’s also one of the most important things we do. Sharing is good for your health;

It makes you feel happier and more connected to others. Giving helps people see that they’re not alone and gives them hope for the future.

Of course, giving isn’t always easy or even possible for everyone, but if you give just once a week or once a month, you will also start feeling better about yourself.

It’s good for your health.

Giving is good for your health. It’s true. Research shows that people who share, be it time or money, feel better about themselves than those who don’t.

And that’s not all—giving can help you get out of your head and connect meaningfully with others.

Giving has been shown to increase happiness levels by 25%. So if you’re looking for an easy way to improve your mood, look no further: doing something nice for someone else is one of the most effective ways.

It’s addictive

Giving is a natural high. It’s like a drug that makes you feel good, but it’s not just the act of giving that makes you feel this way

—it’s also the feeling that comes afterward. When we offer, our brains release dopamine and serotonin, chemicals associated with happiness.

But even more critical than this chemical reaction to giving is its effect on our self-worth and self-esteem: giving makes us feel good about ourselves as people.

Giving reinforces our worth because we know that other people value what we have to offer them; when someone else appreciates one of your gifts or services (or even just your presence), it tells you something about yourself as a person:

Perhaps they value generosity or kindness or thoughtfulness; maybe they think highly of anyone who would be willing to put effort into helping another person out.

Giving feels good because it makes us feel valued by others—and if that wasn’t enough evidence for why giving should be paramount in society today, consider what happens when one connects directly with those they are serving through their service.

You’ll get to experience gratitude.

Being grateful and appreciative of your things is a great way to be happy and appreciate others.

By being grateful, you’ll find that your life will improve in many ways. First, you’ll get more out of what’s already there, which can help set the tone for all future interactions with people and experiences.

It can also help you be more open-minded about new opportunities that may come along while giving back to others who may not have as much as yourself leads to positive feelings.

Giving connects you to others

Giving also helps you to feel connected to others. The gift goes on if you give something, whether it’s time, money, or food.

Someone else will receive it and be grateful for it; they’ll also feel connected to the person who gave it.

-This is true even if those people are strangers. You may never meet them face-to-face, but you’ll know that someone out there is getting a great gift from your heart.

Giving makes it easier for your heart to be open because when we give freely, we become less concerned about our needs/wants/desires/etc., which is essential if we want our hearts (and therefore our lives) filled with love instead of the selfishness of any kind.

By giving, you will be happier, healthier, and have a more connected life.

Giving is good for your health.

Giving will help you be happier, healthier, and more connected liIn addition, studies have shown that giving makes you feel better about yourself and the world around you.

-This makes sense when you think about it – when we give to others, our lives become more prosperous, meaningful, and connected, so why wouldn’t this affect our mental health?

On top of this, you increase the volume of your brain’s grey matter (the stuff that makes up most of your brain mass), leading to improved cognitive function and reduced stress levels in adulthood. Giving can even help reduce anxiety.


Giving is good for you.

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