Why Is Marketing An Essential Factor For Management Students?

Marketing, if we define it properly, talks more of both Art and Science. It is the art and science of selling products that come profitable and deliver some satisfaction and value for the customer at the other end. Marketing is a vast subject, and you can learn about it in detail through online classes that use different software like the school ERP system. If you go deeper into the subject, you will see how beautifully things get more segregated from each other, which were at the beginning you thought to be just a tiny part of the subject.

There are subjects like Customer engagement, the Gaps model, and others like the Rater system, which you will have to learn in the future if you think of excelling in the service management domain. Just like how ERP for schools in India regulates A-Z or day-to-day activities of the school.

What are the expectations from you as a marketer?

Being a marketing student or a graduate or post-graduation in Marketing also becomes one of the vital things you must lay your eyes to do worth with your job. From the word marketing itself, you will get an idea about what the subject talks about. 

“Market” Market can be defined as any place where exchange occurs. Earlier, this concept of markets was limited to physical market space, but with the advancement of technology and technological accessibility, we are now more comfortable with e-markets. 

What is the career scope of marketing specialization?

There are various scopes after you specialize in marketing; you can go for multiple positions at different multinationals for profiles like Market Analyst, Marketing Head, Assistant manager at Market, and others. 

Every company has its department which works in marketing; thus, the statement recognizes the importance of the department for every company working for different genres. 

You might have come across this example that Tesla, which is a brand and leading automobile industry, is claiming to have had not any separate department for marketing, but have you ever noticed that how Elon musk is always there in the news? 

Isn’t that marketing?

Try thinking about it, and you will come across many such examples where the relevant importance of the field is stated in subtle terms and conditions. 

Let’s make this more worth reading for all aspirants planning to have their future careers in the marketing genre. 

Before knowing the subject’s significance, you must know the subject’s roots and marketing as a whole. Philip coddler is said to be the father of modern marketing, and he has also written an autobiography that includes all his work, findings, and research into the subject. 

Therefore it is highly advised for the marketing aspirants reading here to look at the book, explore its content, and learn the best from it. 

The art and science of marketing make your customer more aware of your products and services, which otherwise is impossible. Your marketing not makes the deal profitable for you but will also help the other side around. Yes, you heard it right. The marketing you will do will help many customers to make better decisions about buying things, which will, in turn, help you and your firm gain the customer’s trust. 

Advertising is not marketing

Many people misunderstand the thing that advertising mere is marketing. However, it is quite true that advertising is an aspect of marketing that is essential for selling products and services, adding value to the customers, and making immense profit ethically. 

The scope is marketing is beyond your imagination because its application is not just limited to the time by which you sell your products and services. Still, it is again applicable to maintain the brand and reputation of the firm further. 

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